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Sat, Aug. 18th, 2012, 06:31 am
Yesterday's Check-In (Friday): My Own White Glove Service (part 2 of 2)

Masculine Canopy Bed by Jadxia
Masculine Canopy Bed, a photo by Jadxia on Flickr.

So this is the bed we built with the tools from the previous post. I mostly did directions and fitted the parts together, with him holding beams steady and later tightening the screws (since his hands are stronger than mine).

The directions weren't clear that the bottom rails on the head and foot had to be a certain way. There are connecting holes for these diagonal crossbeams which help secure the corners, but I thought those holes were centered. It was only after constructing the frame that I realized those holes were actually to one side of the beam, and that's why we couldn't get the crossbeams to screw in. It's also when we gave up for the night.

I had a nightmare about building the bed last night, while we were camped on the old futon mattress on the living room floor. I dreamed that I was fixing the mistake when one of AgtOrange's friends (who, for some inexplicable reason, was Shaolin, probably because he's coming up to teach this weekend) came by to visit. He saw me fixing the bottom, and to make things easier, he went ahead and undid the top section. Then he left. Suddenly I turned around from fixing the bottom beam to find that the rest of the bed had been deconstructed and we'd have to do it all over again.

Anyway, between the nightmare, camping on the floor, and this wretched canker sore I've had from where I bit the side of my lip, I woke up once at 0530, and again at 0700. So even though AgtOrange had said "to hell with it" and he wasn't planning on having the frame ready, I got up, made coffee, and fixed the upside-down post. He slept through everything until I was laying the slats down (a very noisy endeavor).

The delivery guys called at 0758 saying they'd be just a few minutes. I managed to shatter a glass candle all over the floor while hurriedly trying to move everything out of the way so they could bring the mattress right in. We'll be wearing shoes in the house for awhile.

I was so proud of myself. They dumped the boxsprings on the floor of the living room and went down for the mattress (taking the old futon with them). By the time they got back upstairs (and AgtOrange said they were actually RUNNING with the mattress) I had put the dustmite/bedbug/allergen covers on both boxsprings and thrown them onto the frame all by myself. The guy gave me a huge look of surprise when he came in with the mattress, which they could now throw directly on the bed. I am awesome like that.

Covering the mattress with dust protectors was a bit harder (because it has to zip around the entire mattress). But now it is done. AgtOrange will be washing the sheets (ahaha "bedclothes" he hates it when I call them that) in my special detergent ($20 a bottle!!) and making up the bed. And then it might just be time for a nap.

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