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Thu, Sep. 13th, 2012, 11:41 pm
More Troubles With Trouble

So he broke my heart, so whatever. So my friends are out there drinking with him. So he's not the man I thought he was, so he's not the man I fell in love with. He owes me a fat ton of money and all I get are excuses why he can't pay me back, even while he's doing fun stuff that costs money. And I'm hurt he broke my heart, jealous without reason, and angry.

Not only did he hurt me, but he disappointed me deeply. I thought he was better than that. Even more, I disappointed myself. I thought I was better than that, I thought I'd finally developed some taste when it comes to men. All I did was find a man who talked a better game than most.


In the end, this will all work out. I'm closer now to AgtOrange than I've ever been. I have a big king sized bed with room for an extra snuggler. I have my friends who love me and take me to places like Spa World and visit me for tea. I have a maid, and a custom-framed reproduction map of Middle Earth (from the hobbit). He's just a man, and not even that good a man apparently, and not a third of the man that Loopy was. Damn, I miss Loopy. I hope he's alright.

And why is it the ones you really are interested in don't call or flake out or whatever, and the ones you're 'eh' about you can't seem to shake no matter what? I can tell it's time for meds.... I'm getting grumpy.

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