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Sat, Sep. 15th, 2012, 09:11 pm
(Free Day Saturday) Barefoot and In The Kitchen

Woke up at 0500 for no particular reason. Could not go back to sleep. At 0600, I finally gave up and climbed out of bed. Straightened the kitchen, had my coffee and pastry, sat on Facebook, and then decided to cook stuff. I guess I must be excited about the Tea-Party Pre-Party tomorrow, because I've spent all day cooking or perusing recipes (when I wasn't shamelessly bidding for things on ebay).

First I made kale chips, which I've never done before. They are pretty tasty, better than the nasty stuff I've had out of bags. A big bunch of kale doesn't make a large number of chips though. So next I made some tortillas from scratch, with the idea of homemade tortilla chips. Well, I made ten small tortillas, and really I need twenty. Ended up buying a bag of tortilla chips to fill in, in case I'm too lazy tomorrow to make that second batch.

Because it needed done, I caramelized some onions and roasted two bulbs of garlic. I have to do this in big batches and refrigerate it so I can have onion/garlic flavor whenever I want. The longer cooking time lowers the sulfite levels.

After that, starving, I made myself some Spanish rice and beans. Basically rice cooked in chicken broth, with tomatoes, green chilies, cannellini beans, and sardines done in piri piri oil. Fought a guild war in Castle Age on Facebook at the same time.

Having well overextended myself, I read my book (lying down) and took a nap. I wanted to grab a few things from the liquor and grocery store, so hoisted AgtOrange out of bed (he'd crawled in to cuddle) and we set out. Just two lost lactose-intolerant souls, standing in a liquor store, trying to decide what goat cheese to buy (my liquor store has a cheeserie, I buy more extraneous stuff there than I buy alcohol). With the ingredients I've bought, I am going to attempt to make guacamole tomorrow, another thing I've never done.

To be honest, I think my Sunday Afternoon Low Tea (SALT) guests are going to be subjected to a host of new recipes, now and in the future. My end goal, if I get so far and don't totally crap out tonight, is homemade biscotti, crostini topped with either a shredded beet salad (raw), or baked beet and goat cheese, the kale chips, and homemade tortilla chips with fresh guacamole. And that's just the snacks! We may still end up ordering out. I'm also considering a salsa and some soy ice cream. And don't forget I still have to make my blechy protein & fruit shake tonight before my medications. AgtOrange has already warned me about wearing myself out.

But there are crostini to bake....

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