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Wed, Jun. 5th, 2013, 04:50 pm
Whinge Continued

So, I'm back from the dentist.

They gave me the right shot this time. Only, my clinic doesn't have a lidocaine shot without epinephrine, they have some other 'caine' shot that doesn't have epinephrine that wears off much, MUCH faster. I had no idea how hot that thing which seals your cavity filler gets, WOW. So I got a taste of what it was like before the use of dental anesthesia, because it was 80% wore off before we were done. The grinding part doesn't really hurt, but the wedge does, and that heat sealer thing is basically a hot coal shoved on your tooth.

Yesterday, my therapist kept pressuring me to go to my doctor about this shortness of breathe, which I didn't want to do because my doctor already thinks I'm a hypochondriac. Look, I fell out of my office/desk chair awhile back after I'd raised it up higher than normal and leaned down to grab something off the floor. My arm hit the printer door (spraining my shoulder) and I landed with my butt on the floor and the chair pretty much on top of me, with a bruised ego to match, and shredder paper (I'd knocked over the recycle bag) everywhere. The next day I woke up horribly short of breath, and couldn't lie down because that made it even worse. I was a bit worried about a pneumothorax, so I made sure to lay on the injured side to avoid any air pockets forming there, iced the shoulder, and rested. In a few days, my shoulder felt good enough that I wasn't too worried about it, but the shortness of breath persisted. I pant if I have to walk up a flight of stairs or down the block, or lay on my chest, it just feels like I can't draw a full breath. It got a little better, but it just won't go away.

Since I was already at the clinic, I went ahead and asked if they had any urgent appointments and turns out they did. And, what do you know, my doctor thinks I'm a hypochondriac. She said she couldn't find anything wrong and doesn't know what it is. My oxygen is fine, the chest sounds are even on both sides. She says maybe I have a touch of costochondritis (inflamed/pulled chest wall muscle) and to try a warm compress, and if it persists to go to the emergency room, because they'll have better testing equipment, even though it isn't an emergency. Which of course means it's going to be a hella-hella-long wait.

I also mentioned that my GI doctor said I should see an allergist, and was supposed to have sent some paperwork over saying as such, to which she replied, "no, he said you COULD see an allergist". I really have no idea why she doesn't want me to see an allergist. I'd asked her before because I've just been having all these weird food issues, she denied me, I went to the GI doctor, he recommended it (after saying he thought I was either having a medication issue OR I was allergic to meat, of all the crazy things, MEAT) and she still didn't really feel like I needed to... but she ended up writing the referral anyway, so I guess at the end of the day that's what counts, that I finally got the referral, and not that my doctor thinks I'm a whackjob who takes up valuable appointment space for imaginary breathing problems and wants referrals to specialists I don't need to see.

Whatever, fuck'em. I just want my nausea to go away and to be able to take a breath without feeling like there's a rubber band around the upper part of my chest.

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