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Thu, Jun. 11th, 2015, 04:51 pm
Rant About a Traffic Accident

Just witnessed a pretty heinous accident on Connecticut Avenue NW. I heard this amazing screech (over 2 seconds) and looked over just in time to see one car slam into the back side corner of an SUV. I don't know why the SUV had crossed over that lane, whether it was to turn into the fast food drivethru, changing lanes, or because of a tire blowout (one was flat, but that might have been because of getting hit).

Either way, both cars just sat there, and then the person who hit the SUV got out and started taking pictures, during rush hour, blocking all but one lane on a major street.

PEOPLE, IF YOU ARE IN AN ACCIDENT AND CAN STILL MOVE YOUR CAR, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE STREET. Even with the flat the SUV could have finished pulling into the driveway that led to the drivethru, it was maybe 15 feet. And the other car seemed mostly okay, totally able to pull over instead of just sitting there fucking up traffic. Cars were honking all over the place because it backed up enough to block the nearest intersection.

Assholes are why we have some of the worst traffic in the nation.

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