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Wed, Jul. 29th, 2015, 06:14 am
Cosby, Facts and Opinions

If you'd like to read the Full Cosby Deposition courtesy of the NYTimes, I'll warn you that's it's long and takes a bit to load.

Cosby Facts:

Generally, I'm as loathe to condemn via the media as the next person, but given his own previous, in court, confessions that have been released via the deposition, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I can safely conclude (for my own conscience anyway) Cosby did assault these women, or at least some of these women, at a time when they were not able to consent. But here are the facts known, because it isn't enough (to me) that a number of women have come out.

FACT: Cosby did have seven different prescriptions for Quaaludes which he received by lying to a doctor about.
FACT: He did not take these drugs, but rather gave them to women he wanted to have sex with. He has said so, and viewed them as similar to buying a woman a drink that you want to have sex with. While I do see his point (that there isn't much difference), I would also like to point out that if you have sex with a very drunk person, it's also rape. Furthermore, who wants to have sloppy drunk sex with a stranger? It's a good policy never to have sex with drunk people; I don't.
FACT: Most of the woman admit to knowingly having taken the drug, although in the deposition in question supposedly he gave her Benadryl with her coffee, but she believes it was a much stronger drug.
FACT: In some cases, the women were drinking at the time they accepted the Quaaludes (a very common practice in those days).
FACT: Drinking and Quaaludes can often causes stupor and unconsciousness.

If I'm interpreting right (so this is not a fact), at one point he seems to be "not sure" as to whether a woman in question was of a mind to consent or not, but that since she made no protests or complaints on the way to the door or afterward, that meant she was okay with the sexual encounter.

FACT: The women overwhelmingly report a very similar MO, that they had a sexual encounter while unconscious or semi-conscious. In some cases they only remember the beginnings of the encounter, or realized something had happened after it was already over.
FACT: Cosby did, in the past, take steps to cover these allegations. The full nature of these steps (money offered, whether or not he agreed to be interviewed to squash stories in papers) is unclear. We will probably never know all that he did or did not do to cover his tracks. That in itself I don't find incriminating because who would want these kinds of allegations floating around?

It is entirely possible that some of the women may be lying, but I find it hard to believe that all of them would be lying. It's a common practice when getting really effed up to do it in the presence of someone you trust to protect you from harm, and who inspires more trust than Bill Cosby? They only found out that they weren't safe all along, and of course no one is going to believe that he would harm someone, and that's an entirely believable story. We're not talking about heading up to a room with thuggish Mike Tyson (not that that's the fault of a victim either, but he's basically a bruiser), we're talking about COSBY. It's like going out with a trusted guy friend, heck, a trusted gay guy friend, that you expect is going to keep you from doing something stupid, like getting drunk and leaving for a one-nighter with a stranger, only to wake up in HIS bed the next morning with only a vague memory of what happened.

Like, if ever I wanted to get seriously effed up with someone I thought would be safe and protect me (babysit, as the term is called), it would be the Jello pudding pop guy! Well, before the shit hit the fan anyway. These days, of course, if you let him so much as buy you a drink, THEN you could argue that you probably should have known what was coming and no longer deserve a whole boatload of sympathy. Still not your fault, but you should have known better now.

And that's why I believe these women are telling the truth, because it simply makes too much sense in light of the fact that he admits to giving the women drugs and then having sex with them. I think they believed they were in the presence of someone who they thought it was safe to get high and relax around, and then they found out otherwise, or maybe even after it happened (because booze and ludes can probably give you strange and trippy nightmarish dreams if they are anything like booze and other sleepy pills) they may not have believed it at first themselves.

Or maybe a few didn't believe it was rape. If he told them he thought it was consensual, and they don't remember what happened, they might still have gone along, at least for an encounter or two. Nowadays, we are more enlightened than that. Someone that messed up can't consent. Which is a word to the wise for men who think it's okay to feed women alcohol until they are too drunk to stand.

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