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Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006, 12:09 am
DC Blogs United (part 3 of 3 = The Big Event List Exchange)

After work, jogged home and almost didn't go out to the monthly (my first) DC bloggers happy hour at Mackeys. Then changed my mind again and headed out. As a jogging note, there are 10 DC blocks per mile. My house is 2-3 blocks from the metro. I managed to leave my house (sans heavy backpack) and jog all the way to the metro parking lot, about 2 blocks. Then jogged to Mackey's (1.5 blocks), then later jogged a 2 block stint and jogged about 1-block of the way home. Each time, I was a little more tired and made it a little less far, even though I had plenty of resting time in between. Now about the event:

At first it sucked. They didn't post signs for new people, so if you weren't in the know, you were out of the loop. None of the staff knew what was going on. Played darts with two friendly gentlemen (soon joined by a third) and then the third guy introduced me to a blogger from the event.

I've promised a link exchange with all the bloggers who traded business cards with me, overall here's a rundown of the people I met, however briefly.

The two engineers I played darts with, followed by a third guy whose job I don't recall but who introduced me into the DC Blogs crowd and the girl running this event, whose blog is Kathryn On.... She was talking with the gentleman of Good Speed Update, who is a true blogger, rather than an "online journalist" or "online editorialist" as we prefer to call ourselves.

Next was another blogger event newbie, who does AOL blog related stuff, but whose personal weblog is Joe Logon. He seemed nice enough, although we didn't chat.

I then ran into a seeming familiar face, a technology writer whose weblog I can't quite recall, although I know he was another livejournal user. He has my card, if he emails me, I can add his weblog here. Next was a photographer who didn't have a weblog, and a new blogger who I think called hers Savage Rage. She bought me a drink and a shooter, apparently she works at Cafe Citron. Normally I would put her in the class of trendy DC-bimbo, just from speech affectation (that and my affront that she didn't like my magazine concept), only no bimbo has ever used the word 'plebian' in a sentence. A smart cookie, faking dumb, and cute besides. She got me on the NBC4 list, although I must admit he was more interested in her (frankly, so was I) than in listening to me... and my weblog has as much chance of being on NBC4 as I do.

On the way out of the mob, met two more new DC bloggers, one who works for America's most wanted, and another new concept gal like myself for Lady In Leather. I'm hoping we'll have a great team-up effort in the near or far future.

Finally, I met a guy from the state department who wasn't a blogger, but who was looking for a happy hour buddy who apparently stood him up. My opening line was something like, "if you looked any more sketchy, people are going to start mistaking you for a suicide bomber". He was wearing an overcoat, staring wildly about in all directions. He bought me drink as well, and we sat at one of the tables and talked. An interesting fellow who, like many interesting people, thinks of himself as dull. I can't say that any man who runs five miles every other day and works with foreign countries is dull. I wish I did both sometimes.

So that's my night. I skipped dinner, which was good on account eating after drinking equals puking. Hoping to keep in touch with some of these folks in the future, especially when NANG magazine is under full swing.

Nite all! Don't let the blog-bugs bite!

Thu, Jan. 19th, 2006 02:05 pm (UTC)
boztopia: It is I...

that you're thinking of. I believe we might've met from mutual comment love fests over at jourdannex's realm. :) I love her stuff immensely, and I'm glad to see you do as well.

Very interesting Web site, I must say. Glad to meet you. ;)

Fri, Jan. 20th, 2006 07:08 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): Meetup Followup

Well, we did chat a tiny little bit...

Best -- Joe
Dumb Things I Have Done Lately (http://www.joelogon.com/blog/2006/01/well-met-meta-meetup.html)