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Sat, Dec. 6th, 2008, 09:34 pm
Breakfast At Tiffany's With Soup

The Slappa products came and are awesome as described, so now we're going through AgtOrange's ENTIRE movie collection so I can watch his billion movies before filing them. This is between movies on Video On Demand, because I have this odd desire to one day have seen every movie on the free listings for HBO. So today's 'homework' was Breakfast At Tiffany's for breakfast (which I saw a couple times in high school but didn't pay any attention to), Girl, Interrupted (which I have seen once before and used to own the book), The Cable Guy, which has been playing while I cook my weekly/bi-weekly minestrone and don't really care for, and Romeo & Juliet.

I'm hoping to make a purely vegetarian version of the minestrone that meets my specifications (this version is still using chicken stock, but I plan to switch to either ginger-soy or tomato based). I'm pretty serious about celebrating Shabbat, even though I'm not Jewish. The idea of a day of creative rest really appeals to me, but it requires a bit of continuous planning so I'm easing into it slowly. Friday night I will eat a vegetarian/kosher (by definition, vegetarian is pretty much kosher) meal I cooked during the day. And I will put away my computer, wallet, and cellphone in favor of hanging with friends and family Saturday day whenever possible.

Tomorrow Marie and her hubbie are coming over to play Silent Hill: Homecoming with us. I haven't touched it yet. More on that tomorrow.