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Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2008, 04:27 pm
Christmas Is Officially Cancelled

I have mailed (or emailed) my cards and delayed most of the presents until after payday (which is December 26th). Estimates on my dental bill for the new year run around $2000 unless I can find a dentist who will accept the stupid "free" DC healthcare, which recently rejected my last lab report to the tune of $400.

I forced AgtOrange to allow me to cancel Christmas, because he was impossible to shop for and I'm entirely stressed out. Part of that, I think, is due to the new medication I'm on which doesn't make me drowsy and which the doctor gave me to help with my sleep. Of course, I'm not supposed to take melatonin anymore, which was working for me, in favor of this drug which I'd taken as a kid and which didn't make me drowsy back then (at a much higher dosage, no less). So I'm not really sleeping, just tossing and turning between naps all night long and finally collapsing out of bed exhausted some eleven hours after laying down. I'm just thankful I have the opportunity to stay in bed for ten and eleven hours a night and attempt to nap my way into a full night of rest, because if I were working right now I'd want to kill someone (myself maybe) for sure.

The nursing home concert was cancelled due to Norovirus. I am at home with cocoa and refusing to leave the house for the next two days. Is it possible to need a vacation when you aren't working?