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Fri, Jan. 2nd, 2009, 11:09 pm
My First Meta Blogging Post

I've gotten the new year off to a great start, despite feeling so dragged-out tired I can barely read or watch televison. In two days, I've posted 3 times (not counting this bonus post I'm sneaking in before midnight) and to all three separate weblogs. I also sent emails to all my blogger friends telling them about my new blogs. So this is pretty cool and I'm excited about getting back to writing again, even though I made the mistake of reading the first Dragonlance novel before I sat down to work on some science fiction ideas of mine. I'd never bothered to read Dragonlance because the writing style sucked and, unfortunately, I write my fiction in the exact style of whatever books I'm reading.

The end result being 300 words of something that read more like a Dungeons & Dragons narrative than the beginning of a story, which I immediately shied away from in disgust. It was pretty awful. Thank goodness my non-fiction isn't as similarly hindered by my taste in bad literature, or my other blogs would already be suffering under a bad start. This weblog will remain, of course, my land of mental flotsam.

I am considering putting up my short stories in 'mini-series blog' form when I'm finished with them. We'll see.

Sat, Jan. 3rd, 2009 03:09 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I've really noticed what an affect my current reading has on my writing, especially fiction. I try to stick to Terry Pratchett, Robing McKinley and Barbara Hambly for my reading when I'm under the delusion I'm gonna finish my novel. YMMV, of course.