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Tue, Feb. 3rd, 2009, 11:18 am
Jade Goes On A Diet?

AgtOrange, after profuse internet research, settled on this the UpDay-DownDay or Johnson diet for his next attempt to lose weight. I was extremely skeptical and very resistant (how could this possibly work?), but after reading through the book myself and doing my own internet research, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I've decided to be supportive and try a 'maintenance-version' of the diet myself. After all, we live together and eat together... we might as well be on a similar meal plan. Most of me is still skeptical, and I'm sure this is just an attempt to become bipolar artificially (cranky on down-days, manic on up-days), but I'm willing to be convinced.

The basic premise of this diet is you eat whatever you want on you "up days" and eat a restricted calorie diet on your "down days". After two weeks, this is supposed to activate a gene which tells your body to start burning fat. Now, one caveat is that if you totally pig out on your up days, you still won't lose weight, but the studies supposedly show that you still gather some health benefits even then. If you don't totally gorge on your up days, you are supposed to drop pounds pretty quickly.

Ideally, the first two weeks you should be at 20% of your daily calories on your down days, and you should use diet shakes so that you are perfect in your calorie counting. Only I can't have dairy or canola oil or sugar or sweeteners, so diet shakes for me are out. Also, I'm diet-controlled hypoglycemic, meaning I need a high protein diet to maintain my blood sugar. Oh yes, and I don't really need to lose weight (well, maybe that last five pounds, but nothing serious). So I'm going for 30-50% on my down days, which is enough to gather some health benefits and I'm still supportive of AgtOrange. Since I do most of the cooking of late, I will probably also be doing most of the calorie counting... or at least I will be calculating the approximate calories of the foods I make.

More on how this works out as time goes by. My first down day is tomorrow (AgtOrange started on Monday).

To buy this book on Amazon, click through to The Alternate-Day Diet