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Wed, Feb. 4th, 2009, 01:57 pm
The Alternate-Day Diet, Day One And I'm Starving

Hell, I'm not even doing this to lose weight, I just want to be supportive and maybe gather the supposed health benefits.

The diet uses the Harris-Benedict Equation to determine your recommended caloric intake (from which a percentage is used for the down-days).

My personal recommended daily intake is 1843 calories. If I were attempting to lose weight, my down days would be 367 for the first two weeks of the diet. But since I'm not, I should be eating somewhere between 553 and 922 calories a day as a maintenance diet. I settled on 35% or 650 calories on my down days.

The book gives you tips to deal with hunger, and reminds you that this diet only lasts for a day. Most people can fast for a day (unless you have a blood sugar problem) and a restricted calorie diet is supposed to be easier. If I could drink diet shakes, it might be, but as I have to count every last calorie it seems like more of a pain in the butt to eat than not. I know the breakfast I normally eat is 125 calories, anything else and I have to do work before I eat it. *sigh*

If my stomach growls any louder, I can use it as a musical instrument.

BMI calculator: Harris-Benedict equation
To buy this book on Amazon, click through to The Alternate-Day Diet

Thu, Feb. 5th, 2009 01:04 am (UTC)
jadxia: Stomach Update

AgtOrange, who had nothing but a SlimFast shake for brunch, is feeling fine on this diet. He says the SlimFast shakes are filling and one for dinner would probably be fine... only he's actually BELOW the 20% mark and needs another 200 calories to make up the difference. He plans on having one of my slices of homemade pizza (at 200 calories each).

I'm 50 calories over for the day (which is perfectly fine considering my hard limit is 1000) and I would kill someone for a burger. I felt hungry just as soon as I finished "dinner" and I'm getting a headache.

Part of the problem is I took my vitamins this morning, and whenever I do that I feel hungry and eat all day. It revs my metabolism somehow.

Today's food? My All-bran and soy milk with a black coffee, a can of vegetable soup for lunch, some edamame as a snack, and for dinner one slice of homemade pizza (mushroom, onion, bell pepper) with 1/2 cup of brown rice. Two cups of tea tonight.

This diet is supposed to be really good for asthma, so I'm measuring my with my peak flow meter. Today was 450 at the start of my diet.