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Fri, Feb. 6th, 2009, 10:22 pm
The Alternate-Day Diet, Day Three

Breakfast and lunch today. That's imitation crab, my secret addiction.

My dinner salad.

On day two of my new diet I woke up with a monstrous headache, one which had started at the end of day one. After Tylenol, I proceeded to attempt to stuff as much food into my body as possible, starting with the rest of the homemade pizza for breakfast, followed by lunch at Bread&Brew, a new cafe in Dupont, followed by drowning myself in gumbo. I still haven't eaten through all the gumbo.

I had two desserts, some of the leftover rum-raisin banana bread pudding and this coffee bread with chocolate icing I've been experimenting with. (I need cake flour, but never mind.) When I get it perfect, I may post the recipe.

Today was the down day, and AgtOrange had a SlimFast shake for brunch while I had my All-bran and the food seen above. We both had the above salad, carefully counted to the last calorie. It felt more like I was performing a science experiment than cooking. Six romaine leaves, four cherry tomatoes, one ounce of carrot, one tablespoon of almond slices, two tablespoons of chow mein noodles, and five ounces of chicken -- each item carefully measured and weighed. Homemade vinagrette with the new Spectrum Olive Oil. It seems good, but nothing spectacular. I'm waiting to open the peanut oil before I pass judgement.

I'm not starving like I was on day one. I haven't lost a pound (in fact, gained a few ounces), but that's to be expected. My asthma was marginally better, but that could be a fluke. I still feel deprived. On day two, no matter how full my stomach, my mind was crying out that I was still hungry, as if I'd gone weeks without any food and had just wandered into a buffet.

To counter my 'eating while bored' problem, I worked on setting up our office (we are in the middle of re-arranging the apartment), did two loads of laundry, the crazy cooking, and watched two movies. Jade was a very busy girl today.

AgtOrange, to give credit, had his SlimFast and wasn't even hungry for dinner. I made his salad an hour after mine and he had to force himself to eat it. Which seems ludicrious to me, as I could have eaten both our salads and still been hungry.

Now I'm going to bed a touch early (usually up until midnight) and eagerly counting the hours until tomorrow. I'm going to stuff myself silly again.

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