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Sun, Feb. 15th, 2009, 01:12 pm
Octomom and Jolie, The Story Gets Creepier

I stopped liking Angelina Jolie when she joined the host of breeders, especially since her iconic status made pregnancy look 'cool'. (Shuddering just thinking about it, all those f*&king people overpopulation the planet).

AgtOrange thought I was nuts, as in, how does her having one kid encourage other moms to pop out kid after kid? He obviously doesn't understand the deranged mind.

Jolie is apparently a prime inspiration for Octomom, something I saw coming aeons ago.

AJ creeped out by Octuplets Mother. Here's my proof.

Alright you Hollywood stars, STOP MAKING PREGNANCY LOOK COOL. Having more babies is shamefully irresponsible when we are this drastically overpopulated. Go back to the adoption craze and do something good for everyone.

And for those who don't think baby-making is crazy, read this weblog: