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Mon, Feb. 16th, 2009, 08:31 pm
GutBusters Plan, Day Two

Since I gave up the Alternate-Day Diet, I wanted to try something different. Now, I don't need to lose more than a couple of pounds, but I'm desperate for a flat stomach. Asian women gain weight like men, with that horrible spare tire around the middle. When I'm a few pounds over, I look healthily pregnant, not exactly my ideal appearance. Everyone says you can't spot reduce your belly, even one of my doctors who told me it was probably just my body type and I should live with it.

I dream of liposuction, but before I start saving to go under the knife, there is still one more option -- the GutBusters Workout Plan, by Joyce Vedral. It says if your belly isn't too big, you CAN spot reduce, going in the face of all other conventional wisdom.

The exercises aren't that bad, less than thirty minutes a day of various abdominals, six days a week for four weeks. You are supposed to see a noticeable different after four weeks. I figure even if I don't keep up the work, it won't hurt me to exercise a little more. (By the way, the abs are the only muscle group you can safely exercise five or six days a week. Other muscles need rest days to recuperate.)

AgtOrange seems to be losing weight at the rate of two pounds a week, without major diet, hunger, or any real exercise. The Alternate-Day Diet is working for him so far, in ways it didn't work for me. So he is continuing it, while I move on to exercise-based reduction.

My tummy is a little sore, but not too bad. I've been super-tired, but that began days before I started. The exercise doesn't seem to be affecting my fatigue level, in fact, it may be helping slightly.