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Tue, Feb. 24th, 2009, 12:48 am
Transportation Misadventures

Yesterday started week 2 of my GutBusters routine. I haven't noticed any difference lookwise or size-wise, but then the plan says it takes four weeks. This week the exercises are doubled from last week, but I have noticed they are easier for me to do despite being sets of 8-10 instead of five.

I also started up my HealthSneak blog, finally. There are still a few tweaks to the major design, but it was good enough to start posting to and I'd promised myself I'd get serious about posting something on one of my blogs daily (yeah, right).

Having accomplished my major goals for the day, AgtOrange and I went out for bulgogi at Cho's Garden in Arlington. It's pretty good. I wish their kimchi was spicier, but the flavors are good. AgtOrange loves barley tea.

Not a mile down the road from leaving, we blow the left right front tire on the car. It's dark, we've just left the stretch of road lit by streetlights, and the damn flashlight is dead. Being only two miles from my Pops house, first thing I called my dad to see if he could bring us a flashlight. Did I mention it is butt-ass cold? Right now, Weather.com says it is 25 degrees with a windchill of 12 degrees. And I was not dressed for standing around outside the car, either.

So dad and ThirdStep pop by and help us change the tire, whew. We carry on our way (the long way, to avoid the interstate) and make it most of the way home before the other front tire blows. Thankfully, we were right in front of a Secret Service police vehicle when the thing shredded out, because there was no where to pull over (in Rock Creek Park). He threw down some flares and gave us the number for the tow truck before leaving. We watched ourselves create massive traffic (no one in DC knows how to merge properly) for 45 minutes until the tow guy arrived.

He took us to a VERY ghetto 24-hour tire changing place in Northeast, straight in the hood. We pull in and I laughed to see a guy pulling a tire out of his trunk, because we'd been joking that we would have accepted tires from someone's trunk in an alley if that's what it took to get moving. We now have Tiger Paw brand tires on the front of the car. I have never heard of them before.

AgtOrange said it was just like Adventures in Babysitting only without the kids and Thor. The tow guy was very nice and the tire guys were very efficient. They checked the other two tires, put air in them, and checked the donut. I sat next to the heater with some toothless guy who wanted to sell me bootleg DVDs. I don't think he worked there, I just think the tire guys were letting him sit near the outdoor heater so he didn't freeze to death on the street.

It took so long to get home I am almost hungry again.