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Sun, Mar. 29th, 2009, 09:14 pm
GutBusters Revisited

Walking the Labyrinth

Having given up on my original 'GutBusters' exercise program during week two (when I contracted a horrible stomach virus), I began again today. Spent most of the morning walking the mall with Pops, then hit the park for poi-spinning while he listened to the drum circle. Unlike the natural spinners, it takes me forever to learn even the simplest of moves. Also, I can only practice in small doses because it quickly makes my joints hurt (due to whatever is wrong with me). I had tried to get AgtOrange to come to the park with us, but he was working.

I did manage to drag him out to the DC Labyrinths and Sacred Spaces meetup last Monday, which started as a happy hour at the Dubliner. We arrived late for drinks, but in plenty of time to walk the labyrinth. AgtOrange thought walking to a pattern on the ground was ridiculous and settled in to take a few pictures while I did my turn around. I found it extraordinarily calming and meditative, especially since I had remembered my music and had tuned out the world using Loreena McKennitt.

Currently we are somewhat in contention as AgtOrange prefers sitting at home and doing nothing (i.e. internet surfing) to doing almost anything else. Sitting at home watching television all day drives me absolutely batty. Soon I'm going out on my own, then out more and more, and then I start not bothering to come home every night. For me, home is literally a place to hang my hat (and clothes) in between adventures. It is not that I am any less sick, either, but that having been forced practically into my bed for AGES I simply could not stand it one second longer, and have decided to go on with my life even if it kills me. Some days it does feel like it is killing me, such as the other day when Intern and I went out for a day of shopping. She thought I was bored, while I puttered and tried to convince her otherwise. It was just that my legs hurt. The next day I couldn't walk at all and my left knee somehow developed a bruise from the inside out, swelling up painfully.

AgtOrange is at least continuing with the Alternate-Day or UpDayDownDay Diet, although he cheats from time to time and isn't losing much weight. He's mostly maintaining, because he hasn't yet added exercise to this diet program. Hopefully that will change soon.

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment, the one where I get the referral to see the other doctor to order the new tests to find out what is wrong -- which may or may not be fibromyalgia.

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