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Wed, Apr. 8th, 2009, 10:58 am
Russian Stray Dogs Learn To Commute

I really am cleaning and not puttering about on the internet. I also have to do my taxes today, which is how I am getting all this cleaning done (this is procrastinatory cleaning, one of the few things I hate worse than cleaning is doing my taxes). But when AgtOrange came out of the office to tell me that stray dogs had learned how to ride the Russian subway and were commuting into town for better food, I had to stop everything to check it out for myself. This is awesome, I think stray dogs in Russia may be smarter than some Americans (or at the very least, smarter than many tourists the world over).

Stray Dog's Life Cushy in Moscow
Dogs Ride Moscow Subway for Free
Moscow's Smartest Dogs -- this page takes a few to load due to the pics and vids, but it's worth the article

Okay, okay, back to work.