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Sat, Apr. 18th, 2009, 11:07 pm
Rabbit In The Mist

Last night I dreamed about my rabbit, the one I had to give up when I had nowhere to live. In my dream I worked in a veterinary office and he died in my dream. We put the animals into a giant crematorium and suddenly he woke up and I picked him up from the pile of dead animals and was filled wish such a sense of peace I retained it through waking for several minutes. Then there was only loss, and a feeling of closure.

It occurs to me that, even if not a portentious dream of death, the bunny I took home as a wee bitty thing is very much now a senior citizen. I will not ever see him again and he did go to a better place than what I could provide at the time.

I am still sad, even though I don't think I was meant to be based on the dream alone... sometimes messages from your subconscious can be very painful.