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Sun, Jun. 14th, 2009, 01:29 pm
My Personal Mental Pedometer

Okay, so maybe I walked less than I thought yesterday. I wished I had worn the pedometer after all; it would have been fun to see how many steps I took. I certainly never stopped moving. Does this mean I am finally well?

Actually, it means the CoQ10 and flaxseed (omega-3), plus my normal vitamins, are a knockout combo in regards to whatever is plaguing me. I am certainly in much less pain than I was before! And with the melatonin supplements, I've been sleeping better than I EVER did on prescription sleeping pills. The downside to melatonin is you build resistance pretty quickly, but I have found it works well if I only take it when I need to sleep soundly and get a good start the next day.

So how far did I really walk yesterday? Let's see:

My house to metro = 4 blocks (in DC, 10 standard blocks is roughly a mile)
metro to walking group = 3 blocks
Walked w/ walking group = 4 miles
walked to float setup = 1.2 miles
(helped with parade float)
walk to coffee shop = 1 block
walk back to busstop = 1 block
Metro to my house = 4 blocks
(shower, etc.)
My house to metro = 4 blocks
Walk to restaurant = 3 blocks
Looking for float = 7 blocks
Parade route = 1.5 miles
Back to a metro station = 8 blocks
metro to home = 4 blocks

Total estimate is about 7 miles, much less than I thought, but still more than I thought I'd ever do with my feet/ankles being the way they currently are. And during the parade route I was mostly dancing and waving a sign, not to mention standing next to the float truck which was almost overheating. They'd propped the hood with a Vitamin Water bottle to vent some of the hot air and it was blowing on all the dancers.

The inch long blister on my right heel miraculously went down overnight. I woke up with a slightly tender area and no real puffiness or swelling. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight is still giving me odd rashes. I am beginning to wonder if the doctors maybe missed out on lupus after all (even though my kidney function is fine, which is the hallmark of common types of lupus).

Glitter continues to 'snow' from my hair. It's getting all over the house, which is a little annoying. I've washed my hair twice, and even stood bent over a trashcan and tried shaking/brushing it out. Sparkly dandruff.