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Tue, Jun. 16th, 2009, 03:06 pm
On The Nature of Angels

The following supposes that you believe in the presence of angels, demons, or spirits. It provides no proof for the existence of any of these creatures, nor do I intend to justify my beliefs. I would expect no one to believe anything which they did not personally experience, and in fact many of my friends are athiests. However, I can only say that I HAVE experienced what I believe to be supernatural energies of indeterminate nature and therefore am forced to believe in them even though I currently have no proof to provide for skeptics.

I think of this in the manner of seeing a blue car parked in a handicapped spot. Imagine I saw such a car and reported it, only the driver returns and drives away before any authorities arrive. There is no evidence of the car left, and no one else saw it, but that doesn't mean the car does not exist. Whether or not anyone else believes in the existence of the blue car is subject to their own experiences. If the officer had heard another report yesterday of the same or a similar blue car parked illegally, they are more likely to believe me. However, if I reported this car every day for two months and it was never spotted, the officer would be more likely to believe I'm crazy. All I can say is, believer what you want.

Just finished watching a program about the history of angels/demons (which are pretty much the same kind of entities, just as there are good and bad people but we are all the same species).

They were discussing the vision of Ezekiel, in which he see's 'God's chariot' surrounded by angels. In his dream, the angels have a bizarre aspect. They each have four faces -- human, lion, ox, and eagle.

A jolt of excitement shot through me as I recalled a similar vision I had experienced while on a shamanic drum journey. In my vision, I was chasing a swiftly moving creature made of horse, tiger, and bird (sort of a dark hawk, perhaps a crow, but with a more aggressive beak structure). I never fully understood this creature until now.

I get it. I can explain something about angels.

If heaven is an alternate dimension (or interdimensional space), then angels are fully evolved interdimensional beings. Just as totally colorblind people can't interpret color, we can't interpret the nature of angels with our under-developed senses. These irrational images are our minds attempting to make sense of an interdimesional being.

Humans are primarily one-aspect creatures. We excel at being one 'type' of creature, usually, with the other three aspects not fully developed. I interpret my vision as me seeing myself more fully, in my one fully developed aspect chasing to learn about the other three.

The first aspect is the thinker. This embodies the seeker, the scientist, and the intellectual. I am this kind of aspect human.

The second aspect is the practical, represented in my vision by a horse and in Ezekiel's by an ox (both domestic beasts of agriculture). Most of my athiest friends would fall into this pragmatic aspect, and many of the best homemakers live here as well.

The birds represent the spiritual aspect, and also the need for freedom. An ascetic like Gandhi would be a person who is a fully developed spiritual person. When your life involves the quest for enlightenment over the quest for creature comforts or intellectual pursuits, you are living in your spirit being.

The last is the lion or tiger aspect, which here is the noble protector. Enforcers of the law (at least, those who are righteous in what they do) fall into this category, as well as activists of all stripes.

Angels are creatures without set physical forms. They are fully formed in all four aspects. In our dreams and visions, our minds represent them in ways that help us understand their true natures, such as four-headed creatures or beings with wings and light.

Does that mean if we were to develop all of our aspects we would become angels? Probably not. Still, it doesn't hurt us to act angelically.

Ezekiel's Vision

Wed, Jun. 17th, 2009 01:17 am (UTC)

Last night I went into the living room to clean the dining room chairs. Penny followed me. As soon as she got to the entrance of same she started barking and looking up towards the ceiling. She was like she gets when she sees another dog or when someone approaches the Van when I am not in it. I felt a rush of energy shoot through me. Yeah, it was the ghost. But I am beginning to believe that this ghost is not what one could and/or would call a good ghost. Just saying ...

Sat, Jul. 25th, 2009 07:07 am (UTC)
american_arcane: Very interesting

Ezekiel's vision is one of my favorite little bits from the Bible. It's one of those way out there descriptions that, in light of modern technology and the wide-ranging availability of symbolic reference these days that it can be interpreted to be so many things.

(I tend to skew either alchemical or technological in my interpretations, depending on the day.) :)

Our own visions, though, are our own more often than not. Your personal references for the mixed critters you saw are different from what I'd relate if I saw the same things. Not terribly different, but different enough for there to be an interesting dissonance that militant disbelieving skeptics (as opposed to the "good ones" who are skeptical but have open minds) would surely use it as an example of how there most certainly is not any greater subconscious symbolism shared among people.

The important thing is that I think we'd come to the same conclusion. And, when one really gets down to the root of spirituality, it's that final, overall, message that matters--not the individual twists and turns that lead us there.

(And, yes, I do often dip back a few cycles in the blogs of people I've recently met... there's often something interesting like this post lingering there.) ;)

Sat, Jul. 25th, 2009 05:27 pm (UTC)
jadxia: Re: Very interesting

This post is certainly more interesting than how many miles I've done on my running program :D

Sat, Jul. 25th, 2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
american_arcane: Re: Very interesting

Well... there's not much I have to offer when it comes to running. Other than "Hey! I have friends who do that!" and "I only run when I'm being chased... and I live my life in such a way as to minimize how often I'm chased." :)

(So it's not that I don't find them interesting... it's just I there's no responses I have worth making... most of the time.)