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Sun, Jul. 19th, 2009, 06:04 pm
Blogroll July 2009 DC Blogger's Meetup

I spent most of Tuesday prepping notes for the Blogger's Meetup, the first one I was to organize, and somehow, the night before my colonoscopy. Ugly how that worked out in the scheduling. So I knew I was going to be a total wreck on Wednesday, what with not being able to eat and then having to rush out to start the whole GoLytely series. Thank goodness I had someone offer to help me organize after I'd already thought myself up the proverbial creek. We had a great turnout, although it's never up to my insane vision ideals I dance around in my head. Strangely, we had several people turn up who weren't members of meetup, which was eerie but cool.

A Glenn -- http://jenesaisrein.blogspot.com & Good and Green -- my assistant and savior for the meetup
Dave N. -- http://groovysoup.com -- web designer
Margie N. -- http://flackrabbit.com -- chic geek
Kier Duros -- http://www.durosia.com/ -- another prolific blogger (like myself)
Kathleen C. -- http://brutalism.net
Mike L. -- http://NotionsCapital.com
Pat T. -- http://DCBlogs.com
Joe Logon -- http://www.joelogon.com/blog
Shevonne -- http://freeagentwriter.com (new blog)
Bill -- http://clarendonnights.com
Marie -- http://blog.mermedia.com -- online media journal
Leon -- http://www.ListenToLeon.net

My Twitterfeed -- http://twitter.com/jadxia -- I post to this every time I post something to ANY of my numerous blogs. It's a convenient way to follow along with what I'm doing.

Now if I could just get all these bloggers actually blogging on the new communal site. Of course, I haven't actually set it up yet (it's at DistrictBloggers.com), but I'm still taking new articles to be transfered over later. Where's my 80/20 people!? (There are 500 in this meetup, if 20% were active that would be 100 active members. Sad when your goal is 20% participation.) Of course, those who throw stones.... I myself am still two blogposts behind. More to come later.