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Thu, Jul. 30th, 2009, 01:01 am
My Latest Diet Craze

So I think I've figured on a new 'diet' that is going to work for me on a long-term basis, it's what I call "eating real foods".

This is stemming from the fact I am STILL feeling quite bleh from the colonoscopy. I have a low fever off and on, my stomach just does not feel right, and, well, the biopsy could have been better.

Turns out that big (2cm-ish), flat polyp I was worried about, well, it was an adenomatous polyp after all, and I'm due back for another colonoscopy in three years. Mind you, I'm THIRTY-ONE YEARS OLD. So if I'd waited until I was fifty to look for a polyp, which is the standard age, I probably would have died of colon cancer. If I'd waited until I was forty, which is the age they screen high-risk people, I'd probably have colon cancer by that time, also.

Sadly, we weren't even looking for colon polyps so much as some form of inflammatory bowel disease, which is something we didn't find. What's causing all the joint pain, then? Back to square one, folks, and waiting on the blood test results from the rheumatologist. Also no word on why I keep doing things like, say, throwing up or having constipation and diarrhea. We'll just leave that in a chapter titled 'the mystery of my gut' and move on.

The diet:

I propose to eat only real food, and by real food I mean stuff that didn't start out processed to death before it got to my kitchen. So whole fruits, veggies, and animal bits are all on the okay list.

Everything else I'm going to limit to under twenty percent of my total diet. This includes oils I use for cooking, processed sugars, desserts, candies, deli meats, any kind of cheese, fermented items, etc. Real foods have minimal additives.

I may attempt to make more of my foods organic, but that's not a self-requirement. I will probably cook everything, at least enough to remove the potential hazard of salmonella and E. coli(and in today's manufacturing and processing, that is everywhere).

Items I will probably eat more of:
I love steel-cut oats, especially stuff made with milk. This is a bit of a quandary for me, since I have to drink soy milk (by my own words, a processed food). So I'll probably start making it with half-water, half-organic-soy-milk, and adding plenty of fresh fruit.

Goodbye, Kellogg's All-bran, you have been good to me in a fiber way, but all that HFCS gives me heartburn. You will be my lazy-day cereal.

Vegetarian stir-fries with brown rice. I made one today, and it was delicious. Green beans, mushrooms, and red bell pepper done in a homemade sauce. This sauce was a complex one, made with fresh orange juice, lemon juice, chili peppers, garlic, a dash of fermented fish sauce, hoisin, sherry, and chicken stock. Okay, not entirely vegetarian, and not 100% 'real food' but it would not be hard to modify.

Besides, I am on a high-protein diet, so I don't want to go totally vegetarian (even if I could give up yummy meat). It is just too much of a pain, I mean, how many beans can you eat?