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Fri, Aug. 21st, 2009, 10:08 pm
August 2009 DC Blogroll

These are the folks that came to the August 2009 DC Blogger Meetup.

Tracy T. --- http://thispersonstinks.wordpress.com -- the Tao of Tracy T.
Kier Duros – http://Durosia.com -- unrestricted thought
A Glenn – http://jenesaisrein.blogspot.com -- musings about DC and everything (politics, food, the environment...)
S. Polastre – http://www.freeagentwriter.com -- helping companies and writers thrive
Phil – http://www.feedbacksecrets.com -- strategies and techniques for establishing your online business
Mike – http://NotionsCapital.com -- ideas and events on culture in DC
Nusrat – http://knightleyemma.wordpress.com -- music, movies, and tv
AmyinDC – http://www.freeindc.blogspot.com -- free and cheap things in DC
DaveW – http://www.autumnrain2110.com -- published science-fiction author
Joelogon -- www.joelogon.com/blog -- dumb things I have done lately
Frank -- http://swordandthescript.blogspot.com/ -- A blog that studies the application of marketing and PR.

We also had two new bloggers, Anees and Angel. We hope to see good things from these folks in the future.