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Thu, Sep. 10th, 2009, 01:01 pm
September 2009 Official Blogroll

Last night's DC Bloggers Meetup felt very successful to me, and I'm excited about having a strictly social Halloween party next month. We had a reporter and several new faces, in addition to members of our regular characters.

Kier Duros – Durosia.com
Cherie (and Pat) - GreenHouseCat
A Glenn – Jenesaisrein
JohnPBloch - OlympiaNetworks.com
Lexa L. - Lemmonex.com
Lilu - LivitLuvit.com
ListentoLeon - ListentoLeon
Tammy - TheWebLady
Phil - FeedbackSecrets.com
Mike - NotionsCapital.com
DavidW - AutumnRain2110.com