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Wed, Feb. 10th, 2010, 09:20 pm
In Sickness & In Sickness: Update on my health

The snow makes it easier to do things around the house, such as write the blog posts I've been meaning to write for awhile now.

I was invited to be a trivia jockey at a bar where Sparks works, which after some deliberation I had to turn down. Sparky was quite upset with me and I was sorry to disappoint him. There were some politics going on there I didn't want to jump into, but the main reason (which I didn't tell him) was my health. The day after going to check out triva night I had a doctor's appointment.

There is a small chance that the symptoms I am having mean my intestinal polyps have returned. My doctor wants to run another colonoscopy (I had one in July) and if the polyps have regrown in such a short span I am going to have to see the colorectal surgeon to have that section of my intestines removed, otherwise the danger of it become cancerous is too great. How could I take a job not knowing if I was going to need surgery and recuperation time (i.e. time off) almost as soon as I started it?

I have no idea why I couldn't tell him. Usually I have absolutely no qualms about talking about myself or my health (courtesy of working at a clinic for four years, I suppose). Perhaps the shock was too fresh. In July, when they removed the polyps, I was told to come back in three years for a checkup, and that they'd been negative for cancer so I had nothing to worry about.

This time, when the symptoms had returned after months without trouble, the doctor starts talking about possibly needing surgery to avoid a cancerous condition. All this time, I'd been assured that cancer was definitely off the table. Now I may have to have my insides cut out in a proactive attempt to keep it that way.

I am obviously not happy about this... but I am even more unhappy with being a disappointment to Sparky. I left him struggling to fill a position with only a week or so left, and while I'd never promised to take the position (I had merely told him I would think about it and get back to him) I could tell he was holding it for me. If I had known sooner, I would have told him sooner to look for another person.

Otherwise, things are going well. AgtOrange and I are content with one another, even snowed in as we are now. I am able to be up and about and accomplishing things, and being sick is not currently slowing me down any. My only complaint is having to do two colonscopies in less than a year -- I am still recovering from the trauma of the first one.

Note to self: do not wake up in the middle of a colonoscopy or any other type of surgery.
Blessed be everyone!