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Tue, Jan. 25th, 2011, 10:44 am
Week of the Laze

Okay, resolutions aside, I just decided to take a week off of everything. After barhopping on Thursday and jumping into icy water on Saturday, my body needed a break. This is just a 'break' mind you, I haven't given up on my crazy dance & exercise schedule just yet. But I know when I feel run down.

It also doesn't help that Saturday night I managed to wrench my back/shoulder/neck out... by opening a jar of ghee. Once again, Jade survives just about any potentially dangerous or crazy activity only to do herself harm with the most mundane of tasks. The jar was new and slightly buttered. When I finally managed to unscrew it (why do they use old fashioned hard to open jars?!) I felt something strain in the middle of my back, just to the right of my spine. Since then, my right trapezoid and the right side of my neck have been in burning pain. I spent yesterday in bed, reading with a heat pad on my shoulder and eating chocolates.

The wreckage of my house (having done nothing since Saturday) drove me from bed this morning. I can't stand a kitchen that isn't spotless. AgtOrange started his low-carb diet yesterday, which involved him making a breadless meatloaf using one of my Chicago metallic loaf pans and me grumbling about the ruination of my bread pans by people other than myself. (Because it is okay for me to ruin my own loaf pans.)

Supposedly he cleaned it last night, only for me to roll out of bed this morning and discover it soaking in soapy water in the sink. So I was slamming things around and cussing a blue streak this morning, which probably woke him up (kitchen near bed in our apartment) but I didn't care. It should not matter. I often do ruinous things to my bakeware (but, like I said, it's MINE to ruin) and he didn't know you can't leave them wet, let alone wet and soapy, and the pan is only sixteen dollars so it isn't like we couldn't buy another one. Why do I care? Why am I being such a bitch? I just hate dirty kitchens, for one, and am very possessive about my stuff, especially when I scrubbing out micro-rust spots in my bread pans! I'm hoping the infinitesimal spots of damage to the coating are not enough to make my next bread loaf stick inside the pan (which is always frustrating).

Contrary to my bitching of late, he's a really good guy. And he was lazy when I met him, so it isn't as if I didn't know about it. Then again, he knew I was a bitch when he met me, so maybe we are even. There are actually good points to his laziness. It means I don't have to be hyper-vigilant about my own sloppy habits, because he doesn't care. I just wish we had the same style of 'slobitude'. If my kitchen and bathroom are spotless, the whole house could be a filth-covered disaster train and I wouldn't care unless something goes missing, and I can usually find anything in my messy piles of stuff because I know what pile it's in. Although lately I have been getting a little freaky with the label maker....

Tue, Jan. 25th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)

you would hate living with me.


it sounds like you two are even, though. (I mean that as nicely as possible)

I am really impressed with your kitchen. If I could only train my own OCD in such directions, I'd totally be good to go.

so what kind of a pan is it that can't soak in water? I didn't catch that. All I know is that I ruined our magic ice cream scoop (Pampered Chef) by sticking it in the dishwasher. And I've been sore about it ever since. What kind of a high-quality product is not designed to be dishwasher safe ?
<--is not a cooking whiz ;(

Fri, Jul. 6th, 2012 06:45 am (UTC)

Most high quality bread pans have coatings that make it very unlikely for food/bread to stick to them. They are best rinsed in water, or washed quickly in warm soapy water i.e. they cannot be left SOAKING in soapy water or stuffed into a dishwasher as it ruins the delicate coating and food will forever after stick to them.

Bread pans should really be just used for bread, not meatloaf.