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Wed, Oct. 12th, 2011, 03:51 am
Late Night Noises

It's 0346 and I can't sleep, which in and of itself is alright (I just meditate lying down when this happens; I figure it is restful), but then I got hungry. No matter how tired I am, I absolutely can't sleep if I'm even a little hungry.

So I get up to make a snack. I figure heating up some water for the beet & goat cheese raviolis I made recently can't be so very loud, right? (BTW, those are two ingredients I hate but they combine to make an awesome ravioli.) I should have known better. The quieter I try to be, especially when I'm tired, the louder I end up. In the morning I'm a goddamn bull in a china shop, I swear, and many folks have complained. The careful neuron, never very active, is still sleeping in the morning.

The end result is, quiet and using only the stove light, I proceed to knock over the stack of pan lids in the cabinet while reaching for a pot. To which AgentOrange wakes up with 'What the Jesus' while I profusely apologize, "sorry, sorry, go back to sleep, sorry".

*sigh* I try. I really do.