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Fri, Jul. 6th, 2012, 04:50 pm
A Book Junkie Comes Full Circle

I love my Kindle, I loved my Nook (though I switched due to Barnes & Nobles terrible customer service), but I also love books. It irks me that I can't display my very favorite books from my Kindle so that those entering my house can peruse my shelves. Vanity, perhaps? I know it is the first place I go when I enter someone's home for the first time. Checking out a person's bookshelf is like peering into their soul.

So, despite my love of ebooks, I am returning once more to leather and paper. I have decided to repurchase my favorite books in hardcover (or library binding, if original hardcover is not available) just for display purposes, and to remind myself of what those books mean to me. Once I archive a book on my Kindle, I forget about it, but when I see it continuously on a shelf, I remember how much I enjoyed said book and will often take it down to reread it numerous times.

A few, a very few books I plan to have rebound in leather. I'd wanted to do all my favorites this way, until I discovered the very cheapest leather binds run about $200 per book, which just about made my eyes bug out of my head. But there are a few, treasured volumes, that I would lovingly have rebound in leather to last me all the rest of my life.


  • Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy by Godden
  • Deerskin and Sunshine by Robin McKinley
  • The Coldfire Trilogy by CS Friedman
  • The Faded Sun Trilogy by CJ Cherryh
  • Tolkien (I could probably find a collectors set that isn't too expensive)
  • Up Island and Faultlines by Ann Rivers Siddons
  • November of the Heart by Lavryle Spencer
  • Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly

Okay, okay, I'm getting carried away with myself already. But I just love these books. I really, really do.