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Sun, Jul. 8th, 2012, 10:41 pm
Today's Check-In (Sunday) i.e. Living Room Combat Zone

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • strength exercises (Success, although I was unable to do the full amount of pushups for my program, if I can't do the full amount on Tuesday I will have to backtrack.)
  • chores (2 loads laundry and started organizing my medical records for disability. I had planned for it to be a 2-day job, with the first day putting the papers into order and the second day copying and analyzing. It immediately became apparent that it would be easier to do both tasks at once and that this task is MUCH bigger than anticipated. I managed to break the 5-inch binder almost immediately (NOT Jadeproof) which is what I get for buying things from the craptastic Office Depot next door. Have ordered an industrial Oxford binder from Amazon; it cost $66! The records started in 1994 and I'm now up to 2000. I wish I had a printer that could copy stacks (instead of one sheet at a time), as well as a heavy duty hole punch and stapler. Bleh.)
  • grooming (The almost storm ruined any chance of tanning outside and relaxing today, so I settled for trying out this new gradual bronzer. It works pretty good but left my tub a little tan colored. Basic grooming completed.)
  • meal (total success = fresh fruit smoothie in the morning, reheated pasta for lunch, a peanut butter sandwich for snack, followed by (drumroll please) a roast pork tenderloin and rosemary potatoes with beet greens! AgtOrange broke diet for potatoes and we've both eaten at least a pound of meat each.)
  • Spanish (Still stuck on lesson 14, made such a hash of it that I redid lesson 13 again. Will have to try lesson 14 yet again tomorrow.)
  • coping (Started reading Recovery Options: The Complete Guide by Joseph Volpicelli and Maia Szalavitz. Despite being published in 2000, it still seems like a pretty up-to-date work. It is a good overview off all kinds of treatment options, working off the principle that since all folks are different, they should pick a recovery option that works for them. I'm quite pleased so far.

Medication = yes
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = yes
No Compulsions = *sigh* I was putzing on Facebook today much more than necessary
Extras = yes (ordered groceries, checked email, and went to store for fresh rosemary)


Revelations Today
Paperwork, that stack is always bigger than it looks like. My living room is a catastrophe with records sorted by year into stacks all across the carpet.

There are some good medication options for cocaine users, but they are all off-label. Apparently, amantadine is useful for cocaine withdrawal. Also, NIH has been doing studies recently showing baclofen may reduce cravings. The hard part would be finding a doctor willing to prescribe medication for an off-label use. I can't even get my psychiatrist to prescribe me propanolol for panic attacks, even though when I used to take it for my arrhythmias, I learned quickly that I almost never had an anxiety attack (because it stops your heart from racing). So for all you cocaine users out there, I have provided you with some basic medication information, but I have no idea how in hell you will find a way to use it. Stay strong, peeps!

When you brine meat, you don't have to sprinkle salt on it. Thankfully, I didn't have time to brine it long enough, so it was still muy excelente.

Nicotine is more addictive than cocaine or heroin. Always thought it was on par, but now I know it is worse. And something I already knew, alcohol is more damaging to a fetus than the above-mentioned hard drugs. Freaky factoids of the day.

Today was a day of many frustrations, broken binders, pain, lost laundry cards, grocery stores not stocking things you want, pain, trips in the rain, (did I mention pain?) etc. I have a ton left to do tomorrow. I agreed to get a student massage on Tuesday, so that means the living room and bathroom need cleaned. My paperwork also needs done if I want to get it to the lawyer when I go see my therapist on Tuesday. Plus I still have a run and stretch class in the morning. I'm pretty sure living in today's stress-zone is bad for my PTSD... it sure feels about the same.