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Wed, Jul. 18th, 2012, 11:39 pm
Today's Check-In (Wednesday)

In serious "fibro-fog" tonight. Sat down to write this and suddenly couldn't remember what I'd done today. Looked at my crazy metric recovery schedule to see what I should have done today and then couldn't remember what day it was. Was it Tuesday? I see my therapist on Tuesdays. Haven't I blogged about that already? Oh yeah, it must be Wednesday, stretch class! How could I forget? Wowsers.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • run -- (didn't do it, got up late)
  • stretch class (yup, last one before the surgery)
  • grooming (yup, basically not stinky. also painted my toenails)
  • meal (success, while I STILL didn't make the pie (GOTTA DO TOMORROW) or what I'd planned (chicken fajitas) I did make Spanish rice (rice in chicken stock, tomatoes, chilis, garbanzo beans, and sardines in piri piri oil = that's pretty healthy right?)
  • chore -- had to hang the lights tonight (pic in earlier post) or they wouldn't be done before surgery... and no way was it wise to have a visible half-finished project staring at me during my recovery. May also put the finishing touches on the hanging of the masquerade masks tonight if my meds don't knock me out first
  • coping -- I did not, however, read my book today. Got too engrossed in re-reading The Kitchen House. I liked it so much better than The Help although I guess one could argue it is from an earlier period (slavery) so of course it has a higher drama content.

Medication = I forgot to take my morning medication on time, luckily I caught it before it was too late and I had to skip the dose. Maybe that's why I'm feeling down tonight though, it probably spiked/tanked my levels. hrm fail
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = success
No Compulsions = no, although I'm getting a bit habitual about my "after dance class Chorizo-dog".
Extras = yes, lots of blog posts today, can't believe this is the 4th one! And I'd already overtaxed my fingers yesterday (hands on FIRE this morning) and now I've overtaxed them again today. *sigh*

TOTAL SCORE = 10/13 = 77% once again very, very close, but not quite

Today's Revelations
That grindy sort of pain in the front part of my hips when I'm trying to stretch the back part of my hips isn't, in fact, anything stuck or out of place or even related to bones. It's my hip flexors not want to fold. I also get it in the front of my ankles when trying to stretch my Achilles. Bad DORSIFLEXION I think they would call it, if I have my terms correct (not sure).

Showers are better for me than baths. As much as I prefer soaking in a warm tub, having studied this in myself for awhile now I can conclude that I have less fatigue and pain in my feet if I shower instead of bathing. Something about soaking my feet in warm water actually makes them ache more later on.

I really can't blog after I've taken my meds for the night. Okay, nuff said. You wanna read some cool interesting stuff, check out the other THREE posts from today.

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