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Fri, Jul. 27th, 2012, 11:42 pm
Post-Surgical Check-In

Today was my minor surgical procedure (see previous post for the video), thus marking two weeks of recovery, what I have dubbed my 'slowtime' schedule. Not doing a check-in today, but I will post the temporary metrics for the next two weeks.

The point assignments for the slowtime schedule are as follows:

[time based metrics]
Grooming (to include wound care) = 1pt
Eating a healthy meal = 1pt
Spanish = 1pt
coping = 1pt
paperwork/emails = 1pt
Movie review (might as well catch up) = 2pts
Fun Reading = 1pt
Meditation = 1pt

[non-temporal metrics]
Medication = 1pt
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = 1pt
No Compulsions = 1pt
No Exercising (i.e. no stupid stunts like rearranging furniture) = 1pt
Plenty of good fluids (water/tea, as I'm tempted to slug colas the entire time) = 1pt

Total Possible Score = 14

I'm really proud of the video I edited. AgtOrange has suggested that if I continue to have all these video posts, I might as well learn Final Cut Pro (as opposed to cursing iMovie constantly... Windows Movie Maker was more intuitive for me). But creativity is going to have to wait for future dates, even with the painkillers (that wear off way too quickly) I'm still feeling sore and unhappy. I'm hoping to buckle down and really tackle all the tedious paperwork that has been building for years on and under my desk, in addition to whittling down the hundreds of movies I want to watch and books I want to read. Still in debate as to whether or not I really want to add in that meditation time. An hour a day? We'll see....