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Sun, Jul. 29th, 2012, 10:26 pm
Slowtime Check-In Day 3 of 14 (Sunday)

I'm in pain, I'm really, really in pain, so no long expositories tonight.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • grooming & wound care = yes, kinda (1/2)
  • eat healthy meal = no, junk food all the way (plus Indian)
  • Spanish = nope
  • coping = um..... 1/2
  • paperwork/emails = yup, pain woke me at 0500 so I had plenty of quiet time while AgtOrange slept, to play on Facebook and read my emails
  • Movie review = yup, a friend came over and we watched a movie
  • fun reading = nope
  • meditation = nope

Medication = yes, and then some... even these T3s are not working
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = nope, magic cocoa to the rescue made me feel a little better
No Compulsions = true dat
No Strenuous Acts = fail, fail, this morning started cleaning up in preparation of company and probably should not have. As AgtOrange says, "you are like the worst patient ever."
Plenty of Fluids = yep, lotsa water, on account that whole pissing bloody urine that smelled like apple cider vinegar yesterday wasn't something I wanted to continue... apparently indicative of either UTI (which I was fighting off one not so long ago) or sugar problems... or having someone dig their fingers around your gut possibly

TOTAL SCORE = 7/14 = 50%

Today's Revelations

I really enjoy having company over. It's not something I get to do often enough. And being sick actually makes it easier. Normally I feel more compelled to entertain, but no one expects that so much when you can't move around. I prefer my friends to feel comfortable scrambling around my kitchen without me, so long as they aren't wearing the clothes out of my closet (I've had that happen before when I left someone alone in an apartment of mine, it was a bit eerie).

Despite the minor redecorations, this apartment doesn't yet come close to representing me. Oh, but it will, it will. That Zen look.... once I get the new couch and bookshelves, and the rest of the lights, the sidetables, the dividing wall. Well, once I get everything, practically. It's a shame the most defining items are also the most expensive ones; they have to be bought one at a time. I've got more decorative accents changed over than anchoring pieces.

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