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Tue, Jul. 31st, 2012, 12:06 am
Slowtime Check-In Day 4 of 14 (Monday)

Had to go to the pain management doctor for my consult today. He's recommending Lyrica (which I told him I already tried to get and couldn't) and lidocaine therapy. I'm interested in the lidocaine, but disappointed that he was suggesting things I'd already attempted to do. No way is my insurance going to pay for that!

Went to the bar after because I just had to get out of the house, drank a bunch of soda and basically strained myself more than I should have and now I'm paying for it.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • grooming & wound care = yup, finally got to remove the dressing and check the stitches, washed it with saline and slapped a new bandage on it
  • eat healthy meal = AgtOrange cooked me a somewhat healthy meal which I ate, 1/2 pts
  • Spanish = did 1/2 of 1 lesson = 1/4 pts
  • coping = nope
  • paperwork/emails = yes
  • Movie review = nope
  • fun reading = Been reading Thinking in Pictures, Expanded Edition, great book with lots of useful information about autism
  • meditation = nope

Medication = yes
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = yes
No Compulsions = yes
No Strenuous Acts = fail, I overdid it
Plenty of Fluids = not the right kinds, too much cola

TOTAL SCORE = 9.75/14 = 70% have another dr appt tomorrow, then I really HAVE TO TAKE IT EASY

Here's me with my stitches!

Today's Revelations

Even general wandering around is probably too much for me. So after I do the long walk to and from my therapist tomorrow, that is IT. I need to sit in my chair and not move around. Period.

There's a reason that paperwork has been sitting around for years. I just... don't... want... to... do it. But while I have the time, I should. Damn. I am 'shoulding' on myself again. Okay, a part of me wants it done, so I WILL WORK ON IT TOMORROW. Alright peeps, hold me to that.

The people you'd least expect to be squeamish are. I'm always like 'COOL!' when I see some nifty medical thing; I guess it comes from having worked in a clinic. As long as it doesn't involve bugs or eyeballs, I'm totally down for it. (Since we weren't an ER, I didn't have to worry about eye injuries, but folks with lice would creep me out every time.) The number of hardcore punks who turn into prisses at the idea of surgery, however minor, is always startling to me. I ran out to the bar to show off my vid, but only two folks would watch it and only one was truly interested (and he's an MMA fighter who watched it while eating a pizza for dinner).

I've got some good quotes saved from the recovery book, and I'm learning some interesting things about change and autism from the latest books, but I think I over-exerted myself and it is past time for bed. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, but I expect I can write a dedicated post about change & addiction, and maybe one about autism, by Wednesday. Peace!

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