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Wed, Aug. 1st, 2012, 06:41 pm
Confessions of a T-Shirt Hoarder (1 of 8)

03-harley by Jadxia
03-harley, a photo by Jadxia on Flickr.

So the longer those shirts sat in the giveaway pile, the more they bugged me. I just couldn't get rid of them. Sure, there's a plain black shirt I'm not really attached to that can go. My red pajama shirt is a little too small after shrinking in the wash; I kept it because I still wear the bottoms. It gave me a tiny twinge, after all, I did buy it for Cuddle Parties, but I think I can manage. The 'ante, Christ' shirt I don't wear much because it's too hard to explain (it's Christ playing poker, a poker joke). I bought it specifically to wear to the Texas Hold'em tournaments Commando and I used to attend, but if you don't play poker, it just seems rudely Satanic.

Then we come to the Harley shirt. I still wear this from time to time, even though I'm not really a crazy Harley fan anymore. It just fits me nicely and it's black. But AgtOrange said an equal number of shirts should go....

In an 'aha' hoarder moment, I came to the conclusion that the real point in getting rid of the shirts was to free up hanger space. Well, I don't hang my strappy t-shirts. So what if I turned it into one? Then I could justify keeping it!

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