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Sun, Aug. 5th, 2012, 06:50 pm
A Few Words on Methadone

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So I said I was going to skip talking about this chapter, because I'm not familiar enough with methadone treatment nor qualified to discuss it, but I lied. I wanted to share this insightful point from the above text.

The confusion over whether methadone is "just a substitute" is really confusion over the definition of addiction. Methadone maintenance takes addiction -- where a person is having negative consequences from the use of heroin -- and replaces it with physical dependence, which is just reliance on a substance (like we all do with food) to function. Because the results of effective methadone maintenance are positive [...] it cannot be considered "a substitute addiction." A substitute addiction would have negative effects that outweighed the positive ones.

For more information, visit:

National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery

Advocates for Recovery through Medicine (ARM-ME)

"We do not and can not drag people into sobriety, but we can help open the door to sobriety as a choice." -- Jade

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