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Mon, Aug. 6th, 2012, 02:19 pm
Buddhist Viewpoint: Causes & Conditions of Addiction

Causes & Conditions of Addiction

Most of this still doesn't apply to me. By this cycle, the only thing I'm truly addicted to is trying to kill myself. For a few days before (and after) an attempt, all my stress is gone, I'm not worried about anything in my life because I don't plan on being alive to have to deal with it. But my other addictions, all the self-harm behavior, doesn't follow this traditional pattern at all.

And I'm not even missing it all that much. I'm beginning to think this is less a true addiction than a perpetual obsessive-compulsive behavior. I do it because I've done it before.

The later parts of this "online retreat" require a paid membership, which makes me look unfavorably upon these people. I know that everything costs money, and it is good marketing to give people a taste of your product before trying for the sale, but it takes very little effort to make an online video. I believe in charging for services and teachings; I believe that all teachers deserve to make more than they do, especially if they are good teachers, but there is a fine line between good business practice and preying on the desperation of others, and I get the sense they may have crossed this line.

This is a good video. It has a good introduction practice that might be helpful to many people. But I don't recommend buying a membership or paying for access to the remaining videos. Having trolled around their site, I'm seeing more slickness and not enough substance to merit an annual fee.