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Wed, Aug. 8th, 2012, 06:48 pm
Finally a Spice System

spice1 by Jadxia
spice1, a photo by Jadxia on Flickr.

So the new jars came in and I love them. The plastic caps look much better than I envisioned. And somehow SpicesInc.com managed to ship a case of glass jars without chipping or breaking a single one. I am deeply impressed. However, after filling the jars and labeling them all, my OCD still wasn't satisfied. When the labels overlap the ridge on the lids, it makes them look a little crooked. I was frowning at them when AgtOrange came in and said he'd noticed that, but wasn't going to say anything because he feared it would set off my OCD. He needn't have worried. He was also a little unhappy with the various font sizes, I'd used the largest size I could for each jar, but again a minor typographical issue. He said it was something he could easily live with (considering the work of labeling), but I knew I could not....