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Thu, Aug. 9th, 2012, 09:30 pm
How to Extend Your Vacation (in your mind)

(information below taken from an article in Psychology Today, click above for a one-year, auto-renewing subscription)

  • Use mementos mindfully. Before you display your mementos (and you should), take a moment to remember the best aspects of your vacation. Also, personal mementos are better than commercial ones. In other words, a picture you take or a picture of you is worth more than a postcard, even if the picture is blurry or has a thumb in the corner.

  • Avoid negative comparisons. Be careful not to display said mementos in a stressful environment; the stark contrast between your everyday stress and vacation could lead to depression. Instead, put them in a place where you relax or decompress, such as a wallet picture that you look at on the subway ride home.

  • Construct reminders. A few well-chosen items that remind you of your time away can brighten your whole home. Use a beach towel instead of a normal bathroom towel, or find curtains that matched the ones in your cabana.

  • Recreate the food. Sounds and smells can really return you to your happy place. Get some music from the area or learn to recreate a favorite dish from your retreat. This really works; I make a mean asopao!