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Thu, Aug. 9th, 2012, 09:55 pm
Slowtime Check-In Day 14 of 14 (Thursday)

Had to see my shrink again, a visit I could have done just as easily over the phone. I will be going up on my medication, and will look into getting Lyrica subsidized by the drug company, while still fighting to get the Cymbalta approved by my insurance. The legal department wants me to call them about my paperwork (we are playing phone tag). My shrink really wants me in the biofeedback program, but I told her first I wanted to see how well I did with the new bed (because better sleep equals less pain) and do a little Internet sleuthing on the efficacy of biofeedback in regards to fibromyalgia and related syndromes. This is my homework while she goes on vacation.

The ice cream maker arrived and I can't wait to use it. It seems like a frivolous purchase, until you realize how much ice cream I tend to consume when I'm not supposed to have any due to the lactose-intolerance. By compromising and making an edible soy ice cream, I will be lowering the general level of inflammation in my body and saving some of my health. Not bad for a $70 machine. Certainly cheaper than the biofeedback, anyway.

Lots of stuff done, lots of stuff to do because I'm meeting my dad's new fiance tomorrow. AgtOrange dusted and it isn't too messy in the house. It should be fine. Tomorrow I go back to the regular schedule, and hopefully I can keep to it.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • grooming & wound care = yes, dressing comes off shortly
  • eat healthy meal = yes
  • Spanish = no, didn't have time what with the doctor appt
  • coping = yes, read some stuff on the subway
  • paperwork/emails = yes
  • Movie review = no
  • fun reading = yes, read some fun stuff on the subway as well
  • meditation = no

Medication = yes
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = yes
No Compulsions = I walked into the vintage clothing store... enough said.
No Strenuous Acts = I did carry up my ice cream maker, drat. FAIL.
Plenty of Fluids = not enough, unfortunately

TOTAL SCORE = 10/15 = 67% even after the pts for going to the doctor

Today's Revelations

Honestly, my mind has drawn a big, fat, squishy blank here. But I did notice that after AgtOrange dusted, my stapler had been moved. At first I couldn't figure out WHY my stapler had been moved, and it bothered the crap out of me. Then I remembered he'd dusted. But it is bothering me that it is bothering me. I shouldn't be affected by the fact that my stapler was rotated 90 degrees from its usual position. or that my CD stack is uneven. I did tell my shrink that my OCD is exploding. I showed her the two spice rack pictures and she said, "it looks like a pharmacy". That's pretty much why we are upping the medication. She also told me if I had another trigger episode, I could take another pill just as needed.

I also learned how to add the like button to my posts. "I is smarter!"

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Fri, Aug. 10th, 2012 02:07 am (UTC)

How does one add a "like button" to one's LJ posts (there is a like button ?) ?

Fri, Aug. 10th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
jadxia: Yeah, I didn't know that was an option either

I was looking up something else on the FAQ when I found it. The command is "lj-like". You can check out the various command functions on the FAQ. It doesn't show up when you preview your post, however, so you actually have to post and then doublecheck to make sure the buttons pop up correctly.