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Mon, Aug. 13th, 2012, 09:23 pm
Today's Check-In (Monday): I'm Back in the Saddle Again

Who says I'm taking on too much, lol? Got out of bed late on account the extra medication is making me *GROOOOOGGGYYYY* but still made it to stretch class. The unfortunately thing was, I ended up having to do my run AFTER stretch class instead of before... and not only can I feel the soreness from both already kicking in (despite giant ibuprofen horse pills) but my scar has been feeling kindof 'burny' since the stretch. I think it's just the skin pulling a little; I've been favoring that side these past weeks. Went with Marie to lunch, spent some time lounging on the roof (my tan is getting glorious), and I'm still going to be able to squeeze in the 'social/bar' time I have programmed into my schedule. I've been very good about not drinking in the bar, and it makes it easier that the bartenders automatically pour me a cola, so even if I feel like ordering a drink when I go in... I end up drinking a cola instead. Yay supportive friends!

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • run = yep. starting the program over again, but I still did it.
  • stretch class = yep
  • grooming = yep
  • meal = yep, yep
  • Spanish = hell yep, even though I'm stuck on 15/16
  • chore = I've managed to pawn this off on AgtOrange. He has to wash his work pants anyway, so throwing in a load of clothes for me is no big deal. It's a yes by proxy. Thanks babe!
  • coping = yep, read some stuff while on the roof sunbathing, will write more tomorrow
  • bar visit = about to leave after I write this, finish my sandwich, and sort a load of clothes. I won't have time to stay long, but at least I can wish the bartender a happy birthday.

Medication = yes
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = yes, provided I don't drink at the bar
No Compulsions = yes
self-care = sunbathing, lunch with a friend, and a loooooooong, hot bath (my first since the surgery) are all great self-care, YEP

Now, it's kind of looking unlikely that AgtOrange is gonna get to that laundry, but if he doesn't I'm still at 93%, a whopping success. And I could theoretically do laundry after I get back, although I can't imagine wanting to, it would be a nice gesture to have his pants washed for him if he passes out (which he looks to be doing at his desk right now).

Today's Revelations

This crazy new schedule can be done, if I'm superwoman. Theoretically, I could get used to this... and I did still have 'me time' throughout the day, so it could work. My Facebook will surely lag a little, and tomorrow I know I'm going to be so sore that I probably won't hit 50%, but those things I could probably adjust to given time.

No story is frivolous. Since I'm getting back into writing, I wanted a story I 'didn't care much about' to practice my skills and get them unrusty again. Only, after I came up with a delicious plot today, I realized that there is no story I'm not going to invest too much of myself into. It's what writers do (especially fiction authors). But I'm going to go ahead and start this new one, and get back to my werewolf tale after this one is finished.

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