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Sat, Aug. 18th, 2012, 06:13 am
Yesterday's Check-In (Friday): My Own White Glove Service (part 1 of 2)

Construction Tools by Jadxia
Construction Tools, a photo by Jadxia on Flickr.

Spent last night building a bed frame. I demolished the old frame (I'm good at destroying things) and AgtOrange took it down to the recycling bins. Then we started constructing the new frame, using only the tools provided that you see here. It normally takes me about an hour to build a cheap frame, and that can be done with minimal assistance. Since this was a more complex canopy bed, I figured two hours, three tops.

Three hours in, and not done, with both of us totally exhausted (it was 0100 by then) and not wanting to disturb the neighbors any longer, we just gave up. It didn't help that I'd discovered the two bottom rails at the head and foot of the bed were upside down, which made the diagonal crossbars not fit. As the bed was coming somewhere between 0800-1100, I figured we'd wake up at 0700 and finish. AgtOrange was going toward my original plan of having the mattress dumped on the living room floor, building the bed, and manhandling it on ourselves. But since he got me started on the frame, I had to finish. He set his alarm for 0745, just enough time to get dressed for potential delivery. (story to be continued next post)

Other than that, I made the vegan ice cream mix earlier in the day, some blueberry liquor which won't be ready for months (and is for a different batch of ice cream mix), and sat around playing Facebook and recuperating. Yesterday was the first day I finally felt better after the meds made me all sick. I also spent a good portion of the evening putting together a song list to practice singing, as taking that up again was added to my recovery goals.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • run = nope
  • stretch = didn't go
  • grooming = yes. I took three showers yesterday. One to get clean. One to wash the insecticide off of me, and a final shower to rinse off any lingering insecticide and get the dust off of me before bed.

  • meal = success, made a bunch of items, and ate fairly healthy too
  • Spanish = I did start on lesson 16, but couldn't concentrate and did horribly on it
  • chore = if putting a bedframe together isn't a chore, I don't know what is
  • coping = no, didn't have time

Medication = yes
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = yes
No Compulsions = success
Extras = Working with music isn't something I have scheduled for Fridays, but since it is now part of my recovery plan, I will give myself a point here.

TOTAL SCORE = 8/13 = 61.5% but I'm going for the full points today

Today's Revelations

It takes three people to build a canopy bed. One can build a regular frame, and two makes building a regular frame much easier (there are a couple of spots where that second person is truly useful). When you have overhead bars, though, get three people, especially when it is a queen or king size (meaning it is too big to build the top and then flip it up, you have to build the canopy over your head).

Even girls aren't mind-readers. I'm pretty good about stating what I want, but I'm fully aware the trap many couple fall into. One person, usually the girl, gets mad because the other doesn't know and didn't provide what she wanted even though she didn't say anything. I occasionally do this with things like taking out the trash. If they can is full, empty it, don't cram garbage into an already stuffed trashcan. If I ask AgtOrange to take out the trash, he happily does it, but sometimes I just get mad when he sees something that needs done and ignores it, thinking he'll 'get it later'. Of course, he gets mad at me because I usually view trash removal as a man's job, because that's how I grew up. It makes no sense, because the trash room is right down the hall and I'm perfectly capable of taking it out myself. He says I don't get to pick and choose when I want to be equal opportunity and when I want to revert to stereotypical gender roles, and he's right. I'm trying to break myself of this ingrained notion.

Anyway, he came home and was surprised I hadn't demolished the old frame yet, despite the fact that he never asked me to do so or in any way implied he would like that done. In my original plan, he'd destroy the bed that night, the mattress and box spring would be dumped in the living room, and we would've spent all day today leisurely constructing the frame. In his plan, the frame was built and ready for the mattress/boxspring in the morning. I've got to work on my psychic abilities.

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