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Sun, Aug. 19th, 2012, 01:47 am
Today's Check-In (Saturday)

Passed out on the new bed after it was put together but before the new bedclothes were on it. So tired I drooled all over it, *sigh* had to happen sooner or later. Then went out to eat with AgtOrange, and to run a few errands (yay shopping). Then came home stuffed with Mexican food/guacamole (we now have a HIGH-END Mexican place near us) and margarita and passed out again on the bed. Then went on another errand and meant to come back and do my nails while watching a movie, but I've a ton of messages and just never made it that far (haven't finished my messages yet either). The straightening before company comes is going to have to happen in the bit of morning time before they show up. Or the place will just be messy, so what? They're either my friends and can overlook a little clutter (so it doesn't matter) or they aren't my friends, can't overlook a little mess to hang out with me... and then it REALLY doesn't matter. I'm just hoping I got up most of the glass from where I shattered a candle on the floor. Clutter is one thing, sharp glass in one's foot is another.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • grooming = didn't get to the nails as planned 1/2pts
  • meal = finished the first version of my vegan ice cream, it's not too bad so far but needs some tweaking still. Also ate a healthy lunch (veggie soup leftovers) and a healthy dinner, so definite success.
  • Spanish = not a lick all day, fail
  • Meditation = does talking about meditation help? didn't think so
  • Movie review = put up a new review from the batched ones, but didn't watch another movie 1/3 pts

Medication = yes
Sober (no drinking/drugs/cutting) = nope, it was frozen pomegranate margarita for me!
No Compulsions = nope, I got all makeup happy in the CVS... and the ACE hardware store. I did pretty good in the Container store, wonder of wonders.
Extras = yes, lots of napping in the new bed. In fact, the first thing I did after the allergen covers were on was JUMP onto the bed, starfish all over it, let out a big fart, and pass out, thus covering my pillow area with drool. Territory has been CLAIMED; it is MY bed and if he's lucky AgtOrange and/or guest can have a piece of it. I am a gross monkey, lol.

TOTAL SCORE = 6.5/14 = 46% hmmm, may have to revise if I can't do better than this

Today's Revelations

Everybody needs a break sometimes. And sometimes that equates to two naps in one day. Especially when that day includes getting up early, lifting heavy objects, lots of food, running errands all around town, and a happy margarita. Today, I think I'll take a break from heavy revelations. That way my mind will be rested and ready for tomorrow (gonna learn some martial arts moves for rehabilitation AND get some bodywork done, suweeet!)

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