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Mon, Aug. 27th, 2012, 12:46 am
Today's Check-In (Sunday): SickDay

So I have bronchitis or some kind of awful chest cold and I'm feeling mighty sick. Exhausted, and yet I can't sleep. I'm up making veggie soup and trying to read. Much of the time my eyes are too tired to focus so I'm simply laying there with the pillows stacked up behind me, resting.

I managed to rewrite my new schedule (hereafter called my Life Schedule rather than a Recovery Schedule). I also created a Sick Day schedule, which is stripped down to the 'must accomplish' items, assuming that all other time should be spent resting.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • grooming = success
  • meal (smoothie) = fail
  • Spanish = managed to do half of it, with the aide of a cough drop
  • meal (1 prep/1 eat) = made soup, ate it
  • coping = read from the book How to Be Sick (see previous post)

Medication = I couldn't remember if I took my morning medications or not, and didn't want to take a double dose, so I might have skipped it. Fail here.
Sober / No Compulsions = success

TOTAL SCORE = 6.5/9 = 72% and lots of resting besides

For today's revelations, check out the previous post and what I've learned so far from this book. In a nutshell, illness, even chronic illness, isn't just the end of life as you know it; it's the beginning of a whole new life yet to discover. Take care of yourselves.

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