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Sat, Sep. 1st, 2012, 12:19 am
Today's Check-In (Friday): Three Nap DaZe

Up at 0730, played FB with my coffee and pastry. Then down again. Then up again, looked at potential folding chairs for my Sunday tea parties and read my email while playing on Facebook. Then down again. HIPS called sometime during my second nap. I hadn't heard from them the evening before and thought we weren't going to transport the shelves after all... but I was wrong. They helped me move the shelf components, then left for outreach while I played music and struggled through construction on one of my truly bad flare days. I've been borrowing energy from the future all week and, like sleep deprivation, it really catches up. I folded the clothes for the clothing closet and put them on the shelves in some vague semblance of order. Thank goodness for Red Bull.

On the way home I suddenly remembered I was supposed to do the new therapy appointment today... and it was now over. Crud. I totally forgot. That's two appointments and two no-shows on my part. Sorry therapist!! Called and left another apology message. I'd been feeling grand, even though I was physically kaput, because I'd managed the shelves without totally collapsing. AgtOrange helped me into the shower and I crawled into bed for nap number three.

Sat down and watched Hellboy while eating pizza. AgtOrange made me a fruit smoothie so I could try it out with whey powder added. I was having problems with opening things. My hands are shot. Whey powder is disgusting, it has a nasty aftertaste, but it's good for me so I could probably get used to it. Going to cut back to a half-scoop though, because the full scoop is just too much gross to handle, even with sugar added. We'll add protein/amino acid shakes to the list of random cures I have tried.

So I'm wAAAAy off track on my new life schedule, but it was a special occasion. And it's a good thing I put Saturdays as rest days because I'm not going to have much choice tomorrow. Even with a pain pill, it hurts to type this, and my back and feet and jaw are killing me. I can't even nap properly because I'm so uncomfortable. I feel like I have the flu almost, my body hurts like that today.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • run = no
  • stretch class = no
  • therapy = no
  • grooming = yes
  • nap / rest = yes
  • Spanish = no
  • meal = had a smoothie, bunch of fruit, and a meaty almost cheeseless pizza

Medication = yup, the only good thing I can absolutely say today is I'm back on track with my medications
Sober / No Compulsions = yes

TOTAL SCORE = 5/14 = 36% or 57% if you give bonus points for the work at HIPS

Today's Revelations

It doesn't bother me when AgtOrange says, "you'll get better" because we both know what he means when he says it. I felt 'sick-person obligated' to say, "NO I WON'T" but he gave me a look and said, "I MEAN, you'll feel better than you do today." And I knew that's what he meant, so it didn't frustrate me like when other people say it. The worst version of this, of course, is the "I thought you were better."

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Sat, Sep. 1st, 2012 11:26 am (UTC)

I did not realize you are a member of the Tea Party.

Mon, Sep. 3rd, 2012 02:41 am (UTC)
jadxia: LOL

Only of the Alice in Wonderland variety. :D