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Wed, Sep. 5th, 2012, 01:20 am
Tips For Preventing Relapse to Addiction

Buy the Book: Recovery Options

(quotes below taken from the above text)

"Another common relapse situation occurs when you try deliberately to test your willpower."

This is a bad idea. Sure, you'll feel great all those times you succeed, but it only takes that one impulse that one day to steer you off track. Be sensible and just avoid unnecessary temptations.

"Research finds, in fact, that one of the best correlates of long-term recoery is having a job that you like."

Since you probably won't find your dream job right away (and we all have to pay the bills somehow), doing some volunteering or taking a part-time job for little pay in the field of your choice will go a long way toward helping you maintain recovery. Also, working from home is not the best idea. Structure, schedule, and having sober people around you are all important aspects of a career post-recovery.

"Many rehab professionals and drug-recovery experts recommend that those who are not already in a committed relationship refrain from entering one in their first year of recovery."

Good advice, but life often gets in the way here. Some folks interpret this as 'sex is okay, so long as I'm not committing to anything'. Whatever you choose to do, if you don't know your hepatitis and HIV status, get tested. Certain drugs (like cocaine) can speed the progression of HIV, but with today's modern treatments you can still lead a long and productive life.

I'll try to put up some more tips tomorrow, about addiction recovery when you have a chronic illness or mental health issues.

"You have to have a clear image of where you stand, before you can tell if you are moving forward." -- Jade

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