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Wed, Sep. 5th, 2012, 01:56 am
Today's Check-In (Tuesday): Just When You Thought You Had It Figured Out

I'm sitting here with a tumbler of white tea (with lemon and honey) to ease my throat and keep me awake long enough to finish this icky protein fruit shake, take my meds, write this post, and collapse in exhaustion. Going back to stretch class in the morning, so it's going to be another long day.

Since I had therapy anyway, I went to the clinic early to get checked out by the doctor. As expected after a three-day weekend, the walk-in was jammed. In total, I spent five hours at the clinic (one hour for therapy), plus an hour and fifteen minutes each direction for travel time. Stopped by the store for more honey on the way home, where I met up with AgtOrange who was having some difficulty with the pharmacy about my medication (no surprises there).

The doctor thinks it's just allergies, but I made her give me a mono test anyway. It took two sticks for the nurse to get blood and, as I'm in my bruising stage today, the tape she put over it bruised me. I have a giant square bruise from the bandage.

DR: Are you feeling particularly fatigued?
ME: You mean, as opposed to my normal crippling fatigue?
DR: Well, it should hit you extra hard I would think.
ME: I'm really not sure I'd be able to tell the difference. I did take three naps on Friday, but I figured it was the weather.
DR: What about pain? Any unusual aches and pains lately?
ME: Uh, more than hurting all over like I'm going to die? No, not particularly.
DR: Any fever?
ME: Don't think so, but I'm also taking Motrin all the time.

Neither one of us thought it was strep, so I didn't bother having her do a strep test even though she offered it "just to be sure". But the nasal inhaler she tried to give me initially she thought wasn't covered (I thought it was) so she switched it last minute to something I've never heard of... which turned out at the pharmacy to be not covered, as well as out of stock. I was right that the original nasal spray WAS on the formulary after all. I have to call the clinic in the morning and have the medication switched back and called in. *sigh*

Strangely of late, whenever I feel extra crappy and feverish and take my temperature, it's exceptionally low. Today it was 97.1F, the other day it was 96.8 (instead of the optimal 98.6). We've been watching my thyroid, so when I see my regular doctor in another ten days, I'm going to have her check that again.

Since I had two no-shows for Friday therapy and someone else could use the slot, my therapist wants to switch the second appointment to Thursdays, which will put it directly after a full day volunteering. The very thought of that makes me exhausted, but I'll try. It's hard for non-sick folk to understand that grouping errands together, normally a very sensible thing, ends up in failure when you are chronically fatigued. You just can't do two or three things all around town. You can do one, or maybe two if they aren't far apart, and then you have to go back home and rest.

Which is what I need to be doing right now. Let's wrap this up.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • strength exercises = yes, though I reached epic muscle failure while doing situps
  • grooming = yes, totally necessary after sweating through my exercises
  • meal (smoothie) = drink, drank, now drunk
  • Therapy = yuppers
  • nap/rest = I wouldn't be writing this now if I hadn't taken a nap.
  • Spanish = yes, worked on lesson 17 some more, not done with it yet
  • meditation = this I did not get to, which is a shame considering I sat in a waiting room for hours completely zoned out.

  • meal = yes, AgtOrange took me for a totally unhealthy steak dinner -- this means no reward pastry in the morning.

  • coping = read more of How to Be Sick and posted stuff from the Recovery Options book (see last post)

Medication = yup
Sober / No Compulsions = Sadly, I bought an herb keeper totally as an impulse buy. I went into a kitchen store looking for honey spoons, which they didn't have (they only had silicone dippers). The sales guy was so nice and chatty (I think he was bored stiff; I was the only customer), I felt bad not buying anything. Which is funny because he started telling me all these various methods for storing herbs that didn't involve an herb-keeper as soon as I queried about it.

TOTAL SCORE =  10.5 /12 = 88% TWO SUCCESS DAYS IN A ROW! No wonder I'm exhausted, lol. It's a good thing I have to rethink my schedule now that my therapist has changed appointment days. Although I'm honestly not sure where I can cut back.

Today's Revelations

Not everyone wants to learn about my illness, my therapies, or how I'm doing. I kind of knew this already, but it was cemented by the book. I spent all day trying to think up something to write in this blogpost that didn't involve my treatment or illness, but I didn't come up with anything. Maybe I should pick a day where I don't spend the whole thing in the clinic.

People are good at focusing on the negative, not the positive. This is actually a biological imperative. It's important to learn where the vicious tiger has been last sighted or last ate someone. That ranks higher in the human hunter-gatherer brain than where the tastiest berries can be found, although both items are of interest. I want to start posting about good things I do or see, even if they aren't as captivating. Unfortunately, I can't think up a darn thing.

Possibly my brain is just too tired to think. Taking my night meds and collapsing now. Good night and pleasant dreams to all!

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