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Tue, Sep. 18th, 2012, 01:38 am
Today's Check-In (Monday): Tea For Two Hours

Well aren't I just the slacker. My calf woke me early this morning by cramping for no particular reason. I drank excessive amounts of fluid/water/green tea yesterday and I took all my supplements and had my fruit smoothie (plenty of potassium etc.). It just wanted to cramp, I guess. Having a muscle cramp is possibly the fastest way to wake up, faster than the loudest alarm or the smell of smoke. There is no instant of fog where you try to figure out who you are, where you are, or what is going on. You go straight from dead sleep to utterly awake knowing with all certainty exactly what is happening, do not pass go.

But it got me to stretch class, a feat only a muscle cramp (and threat of more impending if I didn't attend) could have done, because I was SURE last night I would end up hunkering down in bed with a bad flare day. It was a bad flare day, bad enough I rushed to take a pain pill directly after class (usually I'm pain free for almost an hour), bad enough that I will be taking another so I can sleep.

After class I met up with a FB friend (no blog name currently) and we had such a good chat we pretty much closed up the tea shop, and then headed out for dinner, which was pure Jade-poison on my part. Yummy burger, pepperjack cheese AND mushrooms. But I'm not doing too bad with it, I skipped fries for a baked potato and didn't get dessert. It's actually only now just starting to hit me, and I can tell my stomach is definitely not happy with its painful roiling around noises, but I've done much worse to myself (probably just a week or so ago).

So besides stretch and social time, I didn't really hit any marks on my schedule. I'm not displeased, though. I thought I'd miss everything because of the flare, but through stretch, good company, interesting conversation, and judicious use of painkillers I missed my tasks having an enjoyable time socializing and later reading/resting with a good book. And I don't think I taxed myself much really, so I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will feel much better, provided the weather doesn't totally turn against me and set my bones to aching.

Comprehensive List of Tasks

  • run = 1/2pts. I had to jog a couple blocks to hit the ATM and back for AgtOrange before he had to leave for work, so I did get in a good bit of running, but not my scheduled 30 minutes of running alternated with walking per plan.
  • stretch class = yes
  • grooming = not really, headed out directly after stretch (which leaves me sweaty icky) and have been too tired to heave myself into the shower or do anything but lounge about in my yoga pants. And I plan to stay that way too, until morning when sleep will hopefully make me feel better.
  • meal (1 prep/1 eat) = nope, made nothing and didn't eat healthy
  • Spanish = nope
  • nap / rest = kind of, 1/2 pts. I didn't nap, but I did lay and read with my feet propped up on the wall and a heat pad between my shoulderblades. Another FB friend said someone (dr?) had told them this was the optimal way to get lymph circulating or something like that. I dis-remember it except it was "thing I haven't tried yet to make me feel better". Figure it doesn't cost me anything but time, might help my legs, and at the very least puts some welcome heat on the tight spots at my shoulder blades, so I'll give it a week or so just to see what's up. Still waiting on referral for lidocaine therapy, and if that doesn't work I'm on to bee venom.
  • bar visit / socialize = I did, obviously, socialize.

Smoothie = yes, just finished it
Medication = yup, will in a second and then I will crash
Sober / No Compulsions = no drinking, not bad with compulsions really.

TOTAL SCORE =  9.5 /13 = 73%

Today's Revelations

If I space out the items in my orders, I could conceivably get a 'present' delivered to me every day, Monday through Friday. Amazon, where most of my items come from, tends to having everything shipped separately anyway, so I wouldn't be losing out or wasteful with shipping. I'm Prime anyway, so the shipping is free. All I have to do is order each item singly, one each day, and have them sent with the free 2-day shipping. I do love presents and packages in the mail, even ones with little stuff in them. You'd think it would lose its sparkle after awhile, but it doesn't. I loved packages (or any mail) as a kid, and I love getting presents in the mail now, even if they are from myself to myself. At least I always know what I want to receive or could use.

Still in bad flare day, and want my meds. Goodnight!

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Tue, Sep. 18th, 2012 01:41 pm (UTC)

You worry too much Jada. The world for all intents and purposes is gonna end on December 12 2012 or thereabouts. Don't worry be happy with the time you have left !!!

Thu, Sep. 20th, 2012 01:03 am (UTC)
jadxia: LOL

silly me, what was I thinking

Thu, Sep. 20th, 2012 05:11 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Maryann Murphy

wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.