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Mon, Sep. 24th, 2012, 04:17 pm
Weekend Check-In: Porn & Popcorn & Fallout

On Friday, rather than do my makeup run or stretch class to compensate for exercise I'd missed earlier in the week, I saw that Marie was having a bad day at work and jetted down there to take her out to lunch (what else are BFFs for anyway?). I came home and started puttering around, getting myself cleaned up, and picking out clothes to wear for Popcorn & Porn, the opening meet-n-greet for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

I had a blast. Saw some funny things (like silent film porn), some truly ridiculous things I'd forgotten (remember Deep Throat? "Try it, you'll like it!" hehehe), and some actual quality stuff I'd never seen before (montages and presentation courtesy of Porno Jim). Put a bid down on a picture for the silent auction (which I won, next I'll have to arrange payment), drank too many overpriced drinks, gave back rubs, puffed on a cigar, and spent a bunch of time hanging out with my buddy Reid. Got spanked by Nina Hartley after rubbing Buck Angel's bald head for luck; I guess it worked! I was invited to Saturday's after-party but didn't think I'd be able to attend. I was right.

Spent all Saturday with a hangover turned migraine. Not only did I not get to the party, but I didn't even get to the book festival as planned to get my book signed. Theoretically, I should be more disappointed than I feel. After all, I still have a first edition hardback copy of one of my favorite books, to start off my book collection. Eventually, I want to have everything on my Kindle, but I want to have my most favorite books, or books that had an impact on my life, in hardback, on my bookshelf. I'd noticed that I stopped re-reading my favorite books again and again, and that's because when I'm done reading a good book nowadays I file it away electronically and don't see it. This way, books I truly enjoy will be sitting on my bookshelf for my eyes to peruse, even if I end up re-reading them on the Kindle.

Comprehensive List of Tasks (Friday)

  • run (makeup) = no
  • stretch class (makeup) = no
  • grooming = yes
  • nap / rest = no
  • Spanish = no
  • meal = no, nothing healthy

smoothie = no (gasp!)
Medication = yes
Sober / No Compulsions = no, drunk as a fiddle

TOTAL SCORE =  1.5 /11 = 13% wow that's bad, lol

So I also didn't get any pre-baking for SALT done. And I got a late start on Sunday and sent AgtOrange to the store while I changed the sheets, vacuumed, straightened, baked biscotti, made fresh salsa, pitted olives for a fresh tapenade, sliced cucumbers to flavor my 'spa water' (cucumber & mint), and set up the tables. I knew only 2-3 people were going to attend, but for whatever reason I still put out a pretty full spread; it was a nice selection of stuff.

The cumulative effect of this was to make Jade one tired gal. After my guests left I decided to tackle my nap before I did my Spanish, only my nap basically turned into an all-nighter. I was up long enough to drink my health smoothie and take my meds, and then it was right back to sleep. Much like this blog post, I wrote half of it and returned to bed, only now waking up at 1600.

Comprehensive List of Tasks (Sunday)

  • strength exercises = no
  • chores = yes
  • grooming = yes
  • nap / rest = yes
  • Spanish = no
  • meal (2 prep) = yes

Smoothie = yes
Medication = yes
Sober / No Compulsions = nah, had to try the Fireball whiskey that my friend bought, but it was just a taste

TOTAL SCORE =  8 /11 = 73% now that's better

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