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Mon, Oct. 29th, 2012, 02:06 am
The FrankenStorm Cometh

So, this Hurricane Sandy has led to a slew of "Jade World Problems" (these are problems so out there they aren't even First World problems anymore).

1) I only have enough unsalted butter to make two batches of biscotti.
2) The ballet studio is closed so I can't go to stretch class.
3) Internet is getting sloppy and I'm having problems shopping and posting to Pinterest things I want to buy.
4) Without properly bright daylight, I can't stencil the hummingbird on my wall as I'd planned.
5) Boyfriend won't let me build a wall made of gallons of water on my windowsill.
6) I can't find, or may be out of, craft paper. And without craft/tissue paper, how am I supposed to build a proper pumpkin-themed emergency hall light?
7) If the power goes out, I'll have to heat my coffee water on the stove.
8) If the power goes out, it's going to ruin my science project I'm currently running involving storage times/methods for red bell peppers.
9) More of my neighbors have shut their blinds = less random acts of voyeurism than usual.
10) Someone will want me to bake bread. It doesn't get more humid than this, and my French bread only comes out orgasmically perfect when it's been raining for days.

Tue, Nov. 6th, 2012 12:55 pm (UTC)

WOW, did not mean to get you so jumping annoyed/upset Jade. I was not trying to sell you anything by the way. And besides, like I mentioned already a cross bow is not an illegal piece of equipment to own (unlike a firearm is in some areas). Granted one cannot walk around the streets of D.C. with a ready to fire crossbow rifle slung over their shoulder, haha. But hey, it's kewl. Though do not run screaming into the night when the Walking Dead appear and you find all you have is a butter knife to defend yourself with, haha.

Later ...

*So, before Xmas for that coffee, tea or booze ?